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Python Resource Center
Python IAQ: Infrequently Answered Questions
"Python IAQ: Infrequently Answered Questions," by Peter Norvig. Topics include what an infrequently answered question is, code in a finally clause, polymorphism, ++x and x++ in Python, C++ syntax for ostreams, the C++ printf, syntax for dictionary literals, creating objects, default values, transposing a matrix, and more.
The PyGTK FAQ discusses what the PyGTK is (python-gtk or gtk-python is a set of bindings to the GTK+ user interface toolkit for the Python language), where to get the PyGTK, where to get the latest source code, how to get support, bug reporting, available tutorials, how to extend the PyGTK , changes from 1.2 to 1.3/2.0, signal handling, themes, fonts and styles, GObjects, GtkWidget, widget subclasses and user signals, labels, images, buttons, windows, menus, simple containers, lists and trees, editables, GtkOptionMenu, GtkComboBox, GtkComboBoxEntry, GtkNoteBook, GtkDrawingArea, other widgets, the GTK mainloop and threading, Win32 and PyGTK, libglade, and more.
General Python FAQ
The "General Python FAQ." Categories include general information, Python in the real world, upgrading Python and Python design.
FAQs - Python Programming Portal
FAQs—Python Programming Portal. Topics include what Python is, what Python is good for, copyright restrictions and use of Python, getting a copy of the Python source code, getting the Python documentation, Python tutorials and how stable Python is.
Python FAQ
Python FAQ. Topics include what Python is, assignment expressions, setting a local and global variable, local and global variable rules, sharing global variables, copying an object, converting a string to a number, modifying a string and more.
FAQ: The FAQ. The site is broken down by category including general programming, programming, library and extensions, extending/embedding, Windows, GUI programming and “Why is Python installed on my computer?”

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