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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions Boost Libraries
Boost Your C++ Programming
"What is Boost? Boost Your C++ Programming with the Boost Libraries," by Bjorn Karlsson. Discusses what the Boost Libraries are, the history of Boost, the Boost.Regex (regular expressions for C++), how to use the Boost.Regex, and creating a regular expression.
Adding Regular Expressions in Apps with Regex++
Tutorial: "Adding Regular Expressions to Your Application with Regex++," by Matt long. Discusses what regular expressions are, installing Regex++ (a regular expressions library), parsing HTML, the ParseFile method, the GetActualType method, the GetValue method, and the Boost peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.
The Boost.Xpressive is a object-oriented regular expression template for C++ (copyright 2007 by Eric Niebler) and distributed under the Boost Software license 1.0. Topics include installing xpressive, creating an Regex object, static regexes, dynamic regexex, matching, searching, accessing results, string substitutions, string splitting and tokenization, grammars and nested matches, semantic actions and user-defined assertions, symbol tables and attributes, localization, regex traits, tips and tricks, and concepts.
Regular Expressions in C++
"Regular Expressions in C++," by John Maddock. Discusses what regular expressions are, boost libraries, data validation, search and replace, and nontrivial search and replace.
Notepad RE (Regular Expressions)
"Notepad RE (Regular Expressions)," by Ben Hanson. Discusses what regular expressions are, obtaining the Boost Library, building the Boost Library, file handling, regular expression syntax, search and replace using the Boost Library, and matching.
Programming Regular Expressions in C++
"Programming Regular Expressions in C++," by Jeff Cogswell. Discusses using the Boost Library, how to use regular expressions, string searching, matching, replacing strings, and matching vs. searching.
Introduction to Boost.Regex
"Introduction to Boost.Regex," by John Maddock. Discusses what regular expressions are, how regular expressions are used, the boost::basic regex class, how to use the Boost.Regex Library, using parentheses, the regex_replace, subexpressions, the regex_search, the regex_match, iterator types, the RegEx wrapper class, POSIX API functions and localization.
String Literals and Regular Expressions
"String Literals and Regular Expressions," by Thomas Guest. Discusses the Books Library's string literals, broken string literal, escape sequences, fixed string literal, literal backslashes, string literal containing a single backslash, regular expressions, Ruby regex patterns, attempting to match a C++ string literal, correctly matching a C++ string literal, a complete C++ string literal matcher, raw strings in Python, raw strings in C++, verbatim strings in C++, and regex using trigraphs.
Boost for Visual C++ Developers
"Boost for Visual C++ Developers," by Beman Dawes (founder of Discusses what Boost is, Boost and the C++ Standard Library, typical Boost Libraries, smart pointers, regular expressions, type traits, metaprogramming, other Boost libraries, using boost with Visual C++, tips for getting the most out of Boost libraries, contributing to Boost, and the C++ Standard Library Technical Report.
Regular Expressions in C++ with Boost.Regex
"Regular Expressions in C++ with Boost.Regex," by Ray Stephens. Discusses parsing, searching, the Boost.Regex Library, matching, simple parsing, enumeration, background of regular expressions, definitions (symbols and their meanings), and validation.

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