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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Forums
Ruby on Rails RIA SDK by Adobe
Google Group for Ruby on Rails RIA (Rich Internet Applications) SDK by Adobe. Topics include Flex in Rails, XML, field names, tables between Ruby on Rails and Flex, project creation, SDK and player installation, remoting issues, Flex and Rails XML issues, and data in Flex.
Ruby on Rails Help and Discussion Forums
Ruby on Rails Help and Discussion Forums. There are several forums listed and they are placed in categories that include news and announcements, setup, planning and coding. Under each category are the topics that are covered, such as graphic design and Flash, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, server-side programming, support, suggestions, Rails programming, Ruby programming, test-driven development, tutorials, application theory and design and database design. The number of entries for each topic, the number of posts and the date of the latest post are listed.
Ruby on Rails: Talk |Group
Google's Ruby on Rails: Talk discussion and mailing list. Users can find help, announce projects and hold general discussions. Topics include active record, multi-threaded database interaction, nested resources, collections, dynamically switching a database, migration behavior, views and Rails talk.

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Update :: January 17, 2020