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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Center
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
FAQ: "Frequently Asked Questions: Enterprise Service Bus," by John Moore. Discusses what and ESB is, how ESB technology is related to SOA, the benefits of using ESB technology, how ESB compares in cost to other integration technologies, how vendor approaches to ESB differ, and open source options.
ESB Scenarios and Solutions in SOA
Article: "Understand Enterprise Service Bus Scenarios and Solutions in Service-Oriented Architeccture," by Rick Robinson. Discusses what the enterprise service bus (ESB) is, what service-oriented architecture (SOA) is, the role of ESB within an SOA, the structure of the ESB, a capability model for the ESB, the minimum capability ESB implementation for SOA, and security issues affecting the ESB.
The Roll of the Enterprise Service Bus
Webcast: "The Roll of the Enterprise Service Bus," presented by Mark Richards. Discusses what the ESB is, the role of the ESB, ESB as a pattern for SOA, the capabilities the ESB provides, the components of the ESB, ways of implementing the ESB, the JBI (Java Business integration) specification, the impact of JBI, and open source ESB projects.
ServiceMix as an Enterprise Service Bus
Article: "ServiceMix as an Enterprise Service Bus," by Jeffery Hanson. Discusses what an enterprise service bus is, minimum requirements of ESB message delivery, introduction to the Java Business Integration (JBI), normalized messages, the normalized message router, delivery channels, components, service engines, binding components, normalized message exchange, the ServiceMix, initializing the JBI container, starting the JBI container, creating the support components, activating the support components, installing and starting ServiceMix on Windows, installing and starting ServiceMix on UNIX, testing the installation, and stopping ServiceMix.
Enterprise Service Bus
Book: Enterprise Service Bus, by David Chappell (June 2004). Discusses system architectures, system integrators, technical project leads, major components of the ESB, how to utilize event-driven SOA, legacy environments, and the benefits of the ESB.
Enterprise Service Bus Learning Guide,295582,sid26_gci1085711,00.html
"Enterprise Service Bus Learning Guide," from IBM. Resources include links to an ESB quick start, articles, products, white papers, reference materials and related topics.
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Article: "Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)," from Sonic Software. Discusses what the ESB is, what the ESB does, performance and scalability, security, reliability, availability, distribution, flexibility, visibility and control, and benefits of an ESB to IT and businesses.
Definition of ESB
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) definition for Wikipedia. Discusses what the ESB is, ESB architecture, ESB as software, salient characteristics, key benefits and key disadvantages.
SOA Webcasts
Webcasts: A series of 23 SOA webcasts presented by IBM. Topics include “SOA: Actionable Information for Business Optimization,” “Leverage Federated ESBs to Benefit a ‘Smart SOA,’” “Creating a Process-Driven Enterprise,” “Accelerating Business Agility with SOA,” “How is Your SOA Health? Get Your IT Fit for SOA!!” “Creating a Secure SOA Environment,” “IBM Software for System z: the Power of IMS SOA Solutions,” “The Application Server Revolution: Simple Access to Robust Features,” “Leverage Your Technology with the SOA ‘Universal” Messaging Backbone,” “Web 2.0 and SOA: People Driving Their Own Productivity,” “Drive Greater Process Agility with BPM Enabled by SOA and Business Services,” “Enabling Business Flexibility with IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository,” “The Basics of BPM and SOA” Why You Need Them,” “Increase the Speed and Accuracy of Your Decision Making with SOA,” “Making SOA Governance Real: Policy Management and Integrated Registries,” “IT Operations: The Key to Successful SOA Deployment,” “Enduring Impact Through SOA,” “SOA Quality Management: A Critical Aspect of Service Lifecycle Management,” “SOA Enabled Business Application Modernization: Increasing Business Flexibility by Service-Enabling Existing Assets,” “Master data Management with SOA,” and more.
SOA Design & Implementation Guides
Best Practices Technical Notes from Oracle. These are step-by-step design and implementation guides from SOA experts for using the Oracle SOA suite. Topics include “Managing Process and Service Dependencies in a SOA Environment,” “Enabling Oracle SOA Suite Build, Deployment, and Test Automation,” “Enabling Oracle Integration B2B and Oracle BPEL Process Manager Interoperability,” “Leveraging ESB to Visualize Services Endpoints for BPEL Processes,” and “Enabling a Dynamic, Reusable SOA with Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Services Registry.”
Application Archit., Development & Integration
Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit, December 3-5, 2007, Las Vegas, NV. SOA sessions included “Understanding Service Design for SOA,” “Software Quality Issues for SOA and SODA,” “Understanding ESBs and other SOA Infrastructure Alternatives,” “SOA: Where Do I Start?” “SOA: Now is the Time to Deliver,” “Agility and SOA: Dancing with Webs,” “Platform Technology Convergence Drives SOA and Application Deployment,” “SOA for Developers and Architects,” “Web Technologies: Powering the Web, SOA and More,” “IT Modernization: SOA-Enabling Existing Applications and Assets,” “SOA and the Web: Big Discussions About Application Architecture,” “How to Implement a SOA Infrastructure,” “Enterprise Mashups: The Face of SOA and Composite Applications,” “Best Practices for Integrated SOA Governance,” “Integrated SOA Governance in a Fortune 100 Enterprise,” “Integrated SOA Governance: Controlling SOA and Web 2.0,” “Organizing for SOA: Roles and Responsibilities,” and more. The next conference is scheduled for September 16-17, 2008 in New York City.
IBM SOA Training Courses
Training courses: A complete list of IBM’s SOA web-based training courses. Free courses include: “WebSphere Application Server,” “WebSphere Foundation and process Choreography,” “WebSphereCommerce,” “WebSphere on iSeries,” WebSphere on System z,” WebSphere Portal VS.1,” WebSphere Portal VS.0,” “WebSphere Remote Access,” “WebSphere Tools and IDE,” “WebSphere Voice Middleware,” CICS Transaction Server,” and “SOA.” Fee-based course topics include WebSphere application server, WebSphere commerce, WebSphere DataPower, WebSphere enterprise service bus, WebSphere everyplace mobile portal, WebSphere on iSeries, WebSphere premises server and RFID, WebSphere remote server, WebSphere on System z, WebSphere tools and IDE, WebSphere transformation extender, and WebSphere voice middleware.
Combining SOA and EDA Using an ESB
Article: "Combining Service-Oriented Architecture and Event-Driven Architecture Using an Enterprise Service Bus," by Jean-Louis Marechaux. Discusses service-oriented architecture, the request/reply mechanism, fundamental SOA characteristics, event-driven architecture (EDA), the publish/subscribe mechanism, fundamental EDA characteristics, the enterprise service bus (ESB), what the ESB is, ESB services (including transport services, event services, and mediation services), and ESB benefits (including standard-based connectivity, pervasive integration, and reliable integration).
The Mastering SOA Series
“The Mastering SOA Series” from Oracle. This seven-part series covers the best practices and implementation patterns for SOA. Topics include building a portfolio of services, wiring through an enterprise service bus, orchestrating into end-to-end processes, exposing service through rich user interfaces, delivering real-time dashboards, securing interactions, and scaling on demand.
SOA White Papers
White papers: A series of SOA white papers from Oracle. SOA topics include “What Constitutes the Next Generation SOA Infrastructure,” “Enterprise service Buses: Where Are They Going?” “Business Process Management and BPEL: What’s New for SOA Orchestration?” “Web Services Security: What’s Require to Secure an SOA?” “SOA Governance: What’s Required to Govern and Manage an SOA?” and more.
Service-Oriented Architecture FAQs from IBM. Topics include how to get started with SOA, the major benefits of SOA, the main obstacles, buying SOA or building SOA, how to integrate with legacy applications, and how does the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) relate to SOA?
Service-Oriented Architecture for Dummies
Service-Oriented Architecture for Dummies, by Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, Carol Baroudi, and Marcia Kaufman (November 2006). Discusses what SOA is, dealing with adapters, the enterprise service bus, getting started with SOA, and how businesses such as Hewlett-Packard, BEA, Progress, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP are using SOA.
Enterprise Service Bus in SOA
Article: "Understand Enterprise Service Bus Scenarios and Solutions in Service-Oriented Architecture," by Rick Robinson. Discusses ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) scenarios and analysis, ESB scenarios in SOA, and issues driving EBS architecture and design decisions.

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