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Videos: An assortment of 32 videos in four categories. The videos presented in the MIX 2007 Silverlight sessions category include “Building Silverlight Applications Using .NET, is a two-part two hour and 15 minute presentation; “Deep Dive on Silverlight Media Integration,” is a one-hour presentation; “Developing ASP.NET AJAX Controls with Silverlight,” is a one-hour presentation; and “Just Glue IT! Ruby and the DLR in Silverlight,” is a one-hour-and-thirteen-minute presentation. There are eighteen (totaling 1.5 hours) of “how to use” videos in the “How DO I?” with Silverlight 1.0 category these include, overlaying HTML and Silverlight content, basic keyboard input, building video overlays, creating a video playlist with Silverlight and ASP.NET, real-time data update with Silverlight and web services, using AJAX to dynamically update Silverlight content, animating and clipping video; using Silverlight Brushes for color, gradient and video; using the Downloader object, 2D geometrics, using Silverlight for full-screen experiences, creating a video scrubbing control, Silverlight event handling with JavaScript, using the Input Method Editor for text entry, adding Ink support to Silverlight-based applications and delivering parameterized Silverlight content with ASP.NET, PHP and Java. The four videos (about 58 minutes) in the “How Do I?” with Silverlight 1.1 cover  getting started with Silverlight 1.2, dynamic languages with Silverlight, Silverlight in their own words and top banana. The five videos (about 46 minutes) in the Using Blend with Silverlight 1.0 category cover creating vector art with Expression Blend, 2-part presentation of animating vector art with Expression Blend, animating raster art with Expression Blend, and using Expression Blend to control Silverlight Media Playback.
Silverlight Netflix Video
Video: Watch a Netflix video developed with Silverlight and presented by Scott Gutherie of Microsoft for the MIX 2007 conference that demonstrates Silverlight’s ease of use.
"Interview with Project Manager for Silverlight"
Podcast: “Interview with Project Manager for Microsoft Silverlight,” with Michael Arrington. In this 22-minute podcast Brian Goldfarb, project manager for Silverlight, discusses the new cross-platform cross-browser platform for creating rich Internet applications. Discussions include the history of Silverlight, a cross platform implementation of .NET, high quality video (DVD quality), tools (from the .NET framework), independent of Microsoft software, developers can program in many programming languages, and performance. A beta version will be available in the summer of 2007.

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