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Visual Basic 2005 Books

Visual Basic 2005 How to Program, 3/eVisual Basic 2005 How to Program, 3/e.

This edition incorporates an easy-to-follow, carefully developed early classes and early objects approach with comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. It includes a new, optional automated teller machine (ATM) case study that teaches the fundamentals of software engineering and object-oriented design with the UMLT 2.0. There are additional integrated case studies throughout the book including: the Time class, the Employee class and the GradeBook class. We provide discussions of more advanced topics such as XML, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Web services as well as new topic coverage of partial classes, generics, the My namespace and Visual Studio 2005's updated debugger features.

Visual Basic 2005: A Developer's Notebook, by Matthew MacDonald. Discussed are use of IntelliSense and AutoCorrect, call methods, design time, inserting boilerplate code using Snippets, creating XML documentation, MyObjects, generic classes, My Namespaces, Windows applications, Web applications, Files, databases, XML and .NET 2.0 Platform services.

Programming Visual Basic 2005, by Jesse Liberty. Discusses are building Window applications, building Web applications and programming with VB.

Beginning Visual Basic 2005, by Thearon Willis and Bryan Newsome. Discusses how to write .NET code, create forms, object-oriented programming, creating controls, working with databases, creating menus, working with graphics, loops, branching structures, and create applications for the Web.

Professional VB 2005 (Programmer to Programmer), by Bill Evien, Billy Hollis, Rockford Lhotka, Tim McCarthy, Rama Ramachandran, Kent Sharkey, and Bill Sheldon. Discusses data access, ADO.NET, variables, data types, object syntax, inheritance, interfaces, Windows forms, error handling, debugging, XML, namespaces and advanced features of ASP.NET.

Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference (Programmer to Programmer), by Rod Stephens. Discusses concepts of object-oriented programming, classes, structures, inheritance, interfaces, generics, dialog controls, and syntax for subroutines, functions and classes.

Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition for Dummies, by Richard Mansfield. Discusses starter kits, practical programming, developing applications and database and Web programming.

Mastering Microsoft® Visual Basic 2005: Express Edition, by Evangelos Petroutsos and Acey Bunch. Discusses the features of the Express Edition that is available for free from Microsoft.

Visual Basic 2005 for Dummies, by Bill Semph. Discusses compatibility with other version of VB, variables, constants, loops, syntax, forms, controls and objects.
Visual Basic 2005 Demystified, by Jeff Kent. Discusses event procedures, properties, controls, variables, data types, assignment and arithmetic operators, comparison and logical operators, control structures, loops, arrays, procedures, helper forms, menus and toolbars.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition: Build A Program Now!, by Patrice Pelland. Discusses installation, creating an application, creating a Web browser, creating a Windows application, modifying a Web browser, fixing broken blocks and managing data.
Visual Basic 2005 Database Programming by Roger Jennings. Discusses ADO.NET 2.0, TableAdapters, BindingSources, DataGridViews, data validation, concurrency management, DataSet techniques, DataSources, Bound controls, publishing data-driven Web services, Creating SQL server projects and the XML data type.
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step, by Michael Halvorson. Teaches the core capabilities of VB 2005 in a self-paced step by step method.
Introducing Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2005 for Developers, by Campbell, Swigart, Horrocks, Hatchard, Bernhardt, O'Brien and Rugless. Discusses new features, creation of dynamic, data-centric applications, Windows forms, Web forms, Edit-And-Continue function, ClickOnce, and .Net Framework enhancements.

Visual Basic .NET Code Security Handbook, by Eric Lippert. Guide to the .NET security framework.

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