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Visual C++ Resource Center

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11-hour Multimedia Visual C++ Course
Self-paced training: An 11-hour multimedia Visual C++ course available either on CD or VHS tape. Topics include the basics of C++ programming, syntax, compiling, the Main function, comments, the #include statement, variables, reserved words, arrays, strings, pointers, operators (arithmetic and bitwise), casting, statements, looping, structures, functions, formatting output, error and input streams, classes, data types, member functions, overloading constructors, private member functions, memory management, passing and returning objects, static data member, static member functions, and friend classes and functions.
"Programming with Managed Extensions for..."
Instructor-led Training Course: “Programming with Managed Extensions for Microsoft Visual C++ .NET,” from Microsoft Corporation. This three-day course is for C++ developers and covers using C++ in the .NET framework, programming managed extensions, creating native and Managed C++ applications, defining classes in Managed C++, controlling class layout, pointers and references to _gc and _nogc objects, pining and unpinning pointers, delegates, events, creating and using value types, boxing and unboxing value types, value enums, defining base and derived classes, interfaces, using inheritance, defining and using _gc arrays, using collection classes, using reflection, defining and using properties, defining and using managed operator functions, exception handling, invoking native APIs in managed code, importing a COM type library and exporting into a COM type library.
"MFC Programming for C++ Programmers"
Instructor-based Training Course: “MFC Programming for C++ Programmers.” This is a five-day course for people with C++ knowledge. The course covers the developer studio IDE, serialization and persistent documents, the Windows programming model, the mouse, MFC class hierarchy, menus, message handling, the keyboard, the CWND class, MDI and multiple views, document/view architecture, controls, splitter windows, dialogs, the graphics device interface, database programming, and form views.
"Visual C++ with MFC"'CPPV'
Instructor-based Training Course: “Visual C++ with MFC.” This is a 3-day course for C++ developers. The course covers an MFC architecture overview, message maps, creating a VC++ project, menus, toolbars, status bars, dialogue boxes, customizing dialogue boxes, document/view architecture, data storage, MFC collection classes, graphics and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).

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