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Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Application Design, by Steve Shrimpton (August 2006). Discusses Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System, business case, project scope, the project manager, initial tasks, project planning, the business analyst (creating personas, use cases, and scenarios), creating the solution architecture, designing the applications, proof of concept development, sales business layer development, integration and functional testing, web and performance testing, handling change, security requirements, managing iterations, tracking and correcting defects, and releasing the product.

Global Outsourcing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System, by Jamil Azher (August 2006). Discusses how to construct development processes for mitigating execution risk, improving quality, increasing efficiency, how to customize development methodologies, integrate with Microsoft Project and Outlook, embed real-time communications, manage source code, run unit tests, create custom reports and leverage the project portal.

Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System with DBPro, 2/e, by Jeff Levinson and David Nelson (October 2007). Discusses project documents, status and performance indicators; create, manage and access team performance, reporting, data warehousing and project metrics.

Working with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team System, by Richard Hundhausen (October 2005). Discusses the Team System, the Team Foundation server, client applications, project managers, architects, developers, testers, the Microsoft Solutions Framework, customizing and extending Team System, deploying applications, and closing down the current iteration. Appendices cover a day in the life of Team System, distributed system designer reference, and codenames.

Visual Studio 2005 All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies, by Vanessa L. Williams. Discusses an overview of Visual Studio 2005, getting started with Visual Studio 2005, data access, programming, data types, events, web services, exception handling, debugging, testing, building solutions and projects, deployment options, source control, building professional reports, extensions, the Visual Studio Team System, and using Visual Studio 2005 with Vista and Office 2007.

Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System Application Development, by Steve Shripmton (September 2006). Discusses how to develop functionality for large distributed systems, the features of the Team System, design exploration, coding and test stages.

Visual Studio Team System: Better Software Development for Agile Teams, by Will Stott and James W. Newkirk (May 2007). Discusses the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), agile values, an agile development overview, forming an agile team, Team Foundation Process Frameworks, improving a Process framework, managing change, setting up TFS version control, using TFVC (Team Foundation Server Version Control System) in a project, policing a project with TFVC, building and integrating software, working with Team Foundation Build, test-driven development (TDD), developing your first tests, learning to refactor, code converge and performance, integrating TFP code with a user interface, modeling with agility, creating models, using models in an agile project, modeling solutions with patterns, customer testing, creating FIT fixtures, running FIT with Team Foundation Build, estimating and prioritizing, agile planning, managing agile projects, deployment, producing technical reports, and generating business value.

Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, by Sam Gluckenheimer (May 2006). Discusses a value-up paradigm, value-up processes, requirements, project management, architectural design, development, testing, reporting bugs, and troubleshooting the project.

Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System, by Jean-Luc David, Tony Loton, Erik Gunvaldson, Christopher Bowen, Noah Coad, and Darren Jefford (May 2006). Discusses visual designers, Microsoft’s modeling strategy, objects and compile-time reuse, components and deploy-time reuse, distributed components, distributed services, service-oriented architecture, visual designers, designer relationships and Team System integration, the System Definition model, application modeling using Application Designer, logical infrastructure modeling using logical Datacenter Designer, defining systems and evaluating deployments using System Designer and Deployment Designer, class modeling using Class Designer, DSL tools, dynamic systems initiative and the System Definition model, managed code analysis, code analysis for C/C++, application verifier, refactoring and code snippets, profiling and performance, test case management, unit testing with the Unit Test Framework, web and load testing, manual testing, generic testing, Team Foundation architecture, project management tools, team reporting, Team Foundation version control, Microsoft Solutions Framework, process templates, Team Foundation Build, deployment and administration.

Managing Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, by Joel Semeniuk and Martin Danner (April 2007). Discusses managing software engineering projects, project management features of Visual Studio Team System, project initiation, planning a project, monitoring and controlling project execution, improving a process, tailoring Visual Studio Team System, capability maturity model integration (CMMI), and Microsoft Solutions Framework.

Professional Software Testing with Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Tools for Software Developers and Test Engineers, by Tom Arnold, Dominic Hopton, Andy Leonard and Mike Frost (September 2007). Discusses VSTEST, VSTESD, test types, test user interfaces, analysis tools, unit testing with VSTEST an VSTESD, testing the database, web testing; using manual, ordered and generic testing types, load testing, using code analysis, using dynamic analysis, and VSTEST and VSTESD within the software development life cycle. Appendices cover installing Team Explorer, creating and running a web test, creating and running a unit test, creating and running a load test, creating and running a manual test, and additional sources of information.

Professional Team Foundation Server, by Jean-Luc David, Mickey Gousset and Erik Gunvaldson (November 2006). Discusses the Team Foundation Server, the Team System, compiling project data, planning a deployment, advanced installation tools and migration, configuring Team Foundation Build, setting up security, Team Foundation Server backup and recovery, incorporating your process using Microsoft Solutions Framework, project creation and Team building, managing schemas using Team Edition for Database Professionals, creating custom development tools, extending the windows SharePoint Team portal, administering and customizing work items, setting up Team Foundation version control, managing team projects, effective team communication, working with geographically distributed teams, monitoring your Team Project metrics using SQL Server Reporting Services, and completing software projects.

Global Outsourcing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System, by Jamil Azher (August 2006). Discusses how to execute outsources projects, construct development processes, use Microsoft VSTS 2005 as an underlying infrastructure, customize development methodologies, integrate with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Outlook, embed real-time communication capabilities, manage source code, build a process, run unit tests, create custom reports and leverage project portals.

Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System, By Jeff Levinson and David Nelson (May 2006). Discusses what the visual Studio Team System is, Team projects, Team Foundation version control, project management, Team work item tracking, Team reporting, Team Foundation Build, the Application Designer, system and logical Database Designers, Deployment Designer, Class Designer, unit testing and code coverage, static code analysis, performance analysis, web testing, and load testing.

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