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XHTML Resource Center

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DevGuru XHTML Quick Reference Guide
XHTML Guide: DevGuru XHTML Quick Reference Guide defines and explains tags, events and attributes; discusses why HTML is important to the history of XHTML, the differences between HTML and XHTML, and lists the syntax and coding rules for XHTML. The guide includes working examples of code for each tag and event.
O’Reilly Media XHTML/HTML Blog
The O’Reilly Media XHTML/HTML Blog site. Topics include XHTML 2.0 and the health of the web, the XHTML 2.0 Draft, what’s new in XHTML, XHTML adoption rates, and valid XHTML.
IEEE ISTOs Printer Working Group
The IEEE ISTOs (Industry Standard and Technology Organization) Printer Working Group (PWG) document type definition for the XHTML™-Print (for printing in environments where a printer-specific driver is not installed). Topics include XHTML for printing, XHTML-Print document type, attributes and attribute collections, structure module, text module, hypertext module, list module, presentation module, forms module, table’s module, image module, object module, style sheet module, link module, and how to use XHTML-Print.

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