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XHTML Resource Center

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W3C Free Markup Validation
Free validation service. The W3C has a free markup validation service that can check HTML and XHTML web documents to see if they are in compliance with the W3C recommendations and other standards. Users can submit information for validation either as a URL, an upload file or paste text into a textbox that is provided.
W3C Link Checker
Free link checker service. The W3C’s link checker reads a document (HTML or XHTML) and forms a list of links and anchors, makes sure an anchor is defined only once, checks that all links are dereferencable and warns of HTTP redirects.
W3C Tools and Services
Free tools and services from the W3C. The W3C has many free tools and services available these include the MarkUp Validator (for checking HTML, XHTML, SVG and MathML documents), the Link Checker (checks hyperlinks in HTML and XHTML documents), the CSS Validator (validates CSS style sheets), the Semantic Extractor (extracts information such as outline, description and languages used from a web page), the RDF Validator (checks RDF documents), the Feed Validator (checks news feeds such as ATOM and RSS feeds), and the P3P Validator (checks if a site is P3P enabled).
RTF (Rich Text Format) to XHTML Converter
Tool: The RTF (Rich Text Format) to XHTML Converter from SautinSoft. This for-sale tool converts Microsoft Word documents (RTF and text) to HTML and XHTML. It supports tables, images, links, fonts, colors, styles and bullets and is compatible with the W3C standards. A free trail is available.
Free Tool: The XMLBuddy from Bocaloco Software is an XML editor plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. Features include editing and formatting XML files (XHTML and XSD), adding syntax coloring, content assist, validation (controlled by DTD or XML schema) and generates DTDs from XML documents.
TopStyle Pro
Tool: TopStyle Pro from Bradbury Software is a for-sale tool that provides help in building standards-compliant websites and for creating valid CSS, HTML and XHTML. Features include the Style Upgrade that upgrades outdated HTML to CSS, and the Style Checker that checks CSS syntax and warns of browser problems. It integrates with CSE HTML Validator, the W3C HTML Validator and HTML Tidy. It also integrates with web authoring tools such as Dreamweaver and HomeSite. A free trail is available.
XStandard Lite
Tool: XStandard Lite from Belus Technology is a free plug-in WYSIWYG editor that generates XHTML Strict or 1.1 markup and can manage rich multilingual content. The Pro version (for sale) provides advanced web services including a spell checker, drag & drop, referencing of remote libraries and communication with and importing of third-party content.
Hypertext Builder
Editor: Hypertext Builder from PAKSoft is a for-sale XHTML editor that provides tools for creating lists, tables, frames, paragraphs, menus and image maps. Features include pop-up references for tags and XHTML color coding. Utilities include a thumbnail browser, color picker, multi-resolution preview and font browser. It supports Open eBook, SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), WML (Wireless Markup Language) , X3D and XML Schema.
Site Studio Application
App: Site Studio from Effective Studios is a for-sale desktop application (supports Internet Explorer 7) for building rich content websites that can be easily updated and optimized for search engines.

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Update :: January 23, 2020