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XHTML Resource Center

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“XHTML-Syndication History”
Wiki: “XHTML-Syndication History,” from Discusses a history of XHTML syndication, issues from earlier efforts of using XHTML as a syndication format, the XHTML syndication module, and the XHTML profile. Links are provided to discussions on using XHTML syndication and a list of topics that still need to be covered.
XHTML Wiki Book
Wiki book: The XHTML wiki book discusses what XHTML is, the history of XHTML, media types (includes a comparison of media types and layout engines), the basic XHTML document (includes XML and DOCType declarations, tags, and elements), HTML vs. XHTML, the Document Type Definition (DTD) (includes strict, transitional and frameset), XHTML grammar (includes upper- and lower-case, opening and closing tags, empty tags, attributes, linking, images, and deprecated tags), and XHTML validating.

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Update :: January 23, 2020