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XML Programming Resource Center

XML Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
XML Schemas Group
Google group discusses XML schemas.
XML and SGML Developers Group
Yahoo group for writers, developers and others discusses XML, SGML, and related technologies.
Comp.text.xml Newsgroup
Comp.text.xml newsgroup.
Microsoft's xml.soap Newsgroup
Microsoft's xml.soap newsgroup.
Microsoft's XSL Newsgroup
Microsoft's XSL newsgroup.
Microsoft's xml.xmlsqlwebrelease Newsgroup
Microsoft's xml.xmlsqlwebrelease newsgroup.
Microsoft's xml.msxml-webrelease Newsgroup
Microsoft's xml.msxml-webrelease newsgroup.
Microsoft's windows.inetexplorer.ie5.programming.x
Microsoft's windows.inetexplorer.ie5.programming.xml newsgroup.
Microsoft's sqlxml.viewmapper Newsgroup
Microsoft's sqlxml.viewmapper newsgroup.
SQLServer.xml Newsgroup
SQLServer.xml newsgroup.
Microsoft's .NET XML Newsgroup
Microsoft's .NET XML newsgroup.
Microsoft's XML Newsgroup
Microsoft's XML newsgroup.
XML Developer Mailing List
XML developer mailing list archive. Daily Newslink
Sign up for the Daily Newslink to receive XML and Web services articles from various publications.
XML Group for Learners
Yahoo group for anyone who wants to learn XML.

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