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XML Programming Resource Center

XPath (XML Path Language)
XPath Reference Page
The XPath Reference Page on the Web site.
Flash XPath
Download Flash XPath for use with Macromedia's Flash MX.
Mini-XPath Processor for J2ME
Download the Mini-XPath Processor for J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition).
Simple XPath Parser API
Download the Simple XPath Parser API.
XPath Explorer GUI
Download the XPath Explorer GUI application.
Mozilla Javascript Interface to XPath
Article: "Using the Mozilla Javascript Interface to XPath."
Sample chapter: XPath
Sample chapter: "XPath," from the book Processing XML with Java: A Guide to SAX, DOM, JDOM, JAXP, and TrAX, by Elliotte Rusty Harold.
Sample chapter: XPath
Sample chapter: XPath," from the book XML in a Nutshell: A Quick Desktop Reference, by Elliotte Rusty Harold and W. Scott Means. Topics include the tree structure of an XML document, location paths, compound location paths, predicates, unabbreviated location paths, general XPath expressions and XPath functions.
XPath Interpreter
XPath interpreter.
W3C's XML Path Language Recommendation
World Wide Web Consortium's XML Path Language Recommendation includes detailed documentation for XPath. Topics include local paths, expressions, the core function library, the data model and conformance.
XPath Tutorial
XPath tutorial. Topics include nodes, syntax, axes and operators.
XPath Wiki
XPath wiki. Topics include notation, axis specifiers, node tests, predicates, functions and operators, XPath 2.0 and more.

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