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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center

Apache Training Courses
Apache Web Server Administration
Training course: "Apache Web Server Administration Training Course." This 2 day fee-based course covers the Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP server, Jakarta, Perl, PHP, XML, TCL, Ant, logging, installing Apache, starting and stopping Apache, configuration files, htaccess file, overview of htaccess files, the AllowOverride directive, setting directory authentication, allowing CGI scripts, performance issues, overview of virtual hosting, IP-based virtual hosts, name-based virtual hosts, port-based virtual hosts, overview of MIME types, configuring MIME types, encoding files, character sets, languages, URL mapping, configuring aliases and redirects, DocumentRoot directive, error documents, directory indexing, DirectoryIndex directive, headers and footers, searching and sorting, performance tuning, ApacheBench utility program, handlers and filters, overview of handlers, SSI, overview of SSI, configuring SSI, using SSI directives, managing scripts, overview of scripting options, mod_perl module, configuring mod_perl, installing PHP on Windows, configuring PHP, common security issues with Apache, dynamic content issues, access control, UNIX file permissions, overview of modules, and installing modules.
Java Web App Development with Jakarta Struts
Training course: "Java Web Application Development with Jakarta Struts." This 5 day fee-based course covers enterprise application architecture, introduction to J2EE Web applications, introduction to struts, introduction to the Model View Controller design pattern, developing struts applications, developing the controller in struts, validation and form handling, developing the struts view, introduction to servlets, developing servlets, introduction to JSP pages, developing JSP pages, Web session management, JavaBeans in Web applications, JNDI, RMI, using Ant, accessing databases with JDBC, enterprise JavaBeans, deploying enterprise JavaBeans, JMS, and object serialization.
Apache Tomcat Administration
Training course: "Apache Tomcat Administration." This 2 day fee-based course covers a brief history of Apache, Apache Software Foundation, Jakarta project, Tomcat licensing, J2EE technologies, Java Web development, servlet/JSP containers, overview of servlets, advantages of servlets, servlet lifecycle, overview JavaServer Pages, simple JavaServer page, JSP and JavaBeans, JSP tag libraries, struts framework, installing Apache Tomcat, download Tomcat, download and install Ant, Tomcat directories, configuring Tomcat, deploying Web applications, the Tomcat manager, advanced features of Tomcat, JDBC connectivity, Tomcat security, connecting Tomcat to Apache, shared hosting, and load testing.

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