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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Resource Center

Apache Tutorials
Beehive Page Flow Tutorial
Tutorial: "Beehive Page Flow Tutorial," from the Apache Software Foundation. Discusses setting up the development environment, making a project folder, starting the Tomcat server, creating a new page flow application, navigation, submitting data, processing and displaying data, input validation, collecting data from a nested page flow, and adding actions to a shared flow.
Getting, Installing, and Running Apache
Tutorial: “Getting, Installing, and Running Apache,” by Rael Dornfest. Discusses where to get Apache, what you will need, binary installation, using an RPM (RedHat Package Manager), and starting Apache.
Getting Started with Apache 2.0, Part 1
Tutorial: “Getting Started with Apache 2.0, Part 1,” by Harish Kamath. Discusses a patchy server, installing Apache, compiling Apache, configuration options, overview of httpd.conf, and PHP 5.0.3 with Apache 2.0.52.
Getting Started with Apache 2.0, Part 2
Tutorial: “Getting Started with Apache 2.0, Part 2,” by Harish Kamath. Discusses main server configuration, Apache log files, access log files, and virtual hosting.
Getting Started with Apache 2.0, Part 3
Tutorial: “Getting Started with Apache 2.0, Part 3,” by Harish Kamath. Discusses Apache as a proxy server, personalized web sites, URL rewriting, and web server modules.
Get Started with Apache
Tutorial: “Get Started with Apache,” from Discusses downloading Apache, compiling Apache, increasing DOS environment space, running Apache, and configure inetd.
An Amble Through Apache Configuration
Tutorial: “An Amble Through Apache Configuration,” by Rael Dornfest. Discusses defaults, Access.conf, SRM.conf, global environment, server-pool regulation, main server configuration, port, ServerAdmin, DocumentRoot, ScriptAlias, DirectoryIndex, and security and performance.
Learn How to Configure Apache
Tutorial: “Learn How to Configure Apache, from Discusses downloading the reference card, using one configuration files, restricting access, customizing error messages, supporting multiple languages, configuring for server-side includes, configuring Apache for CGI, avoiding unnecessary file hookups, DNS overhead, timeout, log files, blocking bad robots, diagnosing your server, and running on a Windows notebook.
Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
Tutorial: "Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0: Authentication, Authorization and Access Control," by Topics include getting it working, letting more than one person in, possible problems, and other neat stuff you can do.
Dynamic Content with CGI
Tutorial: "Apache Tutorial: Dynamic Content with CGI," by Topics include configuring Apache to permit CGI, writing a CGI program, potential problems, behind the scenes, CGI modules/libraries, and more.
.htaccess Files
Tutorial: "Apache Tutorial: .htaccess Files," by Topics include what they are and how to use them, when (not) to use htaccess files, how directives are applied, and troubleshooting. Also includes authentication, server side includes, and CGI examples.
Introduction to Server Side Includes
Tutorial: "Apache Tutorial: Introduction to Server Side Includes," by Topics include an introduction to Server Side Includes (SSI), configuring your server to permit SSI, basic SSI directives, examples, executing commands, advanced SSI techniques and more.
Per-user Web Directories
Tutorial: "Per-user Web Directories," by Topics include setting the file path with UserDir, restricting what features users are permitted to access, enabling a CGI directory for each user, and allowing users to alter the configuration.
Using .htaccess Files with Apache
Tutorial: “Using .htaccess Files with Apache,” by Ken Coar. Discusses customizing Apache functionality at the directory level, per-directory settings, what’s an .htaccess file, locating and merging .htaccess files, directives that work in .htaccess files, overrides, and troubleshooting.
Security and Apache: An Essential Primer
Tutorial: “Security and Apache: An Essential Primer,” by Ken Coar. Discusses mandatory vs. discretionary access control, authentication vs. authorization,  areas of access control, the client/server authentication handshake, Apache security processing phases, basic authentication vs. digest Auth, mixing mandatory and discretionary controls, the safety directive, restricting by IP address, restricting by user credentials, labeling, inheritance, specific user names, standard Apache security modules, using your system password file, which database is authoritative, htpasswd utility, htdigest utility, dbmmanage utility, location of your authentication database, and sources for more information.
Using User Authentication
Tutorial: “Using User Authentication,” from ApacheWeek. Discusses creating a user database, using htpasswd, configuring the server, using groups, problems with large numbers of users, ways of sorting user details, limiting methods, restricting by host or user name, how WWW Authentication works, and security and digest authentication.
DBM User Authentication
Tutorial: “DBM User Authentication,” from ApacheWeek. Discusses what is DBM, preparing Apache for DBM files, creating a DBM users file, restricting a directory, using groups, and custom management of DBM files.
Using Apache with suexec on Linux
Tutorial: “Using Apache with suexec on Linux,” by Ken Coar. Discusses executing CGI scripts as other users, how dose suexec work, requirements for suexec operation, enabling suexec, compiling suexec, user IDs suexec will use, incorporating suexec into your Apache server, disabling suexec, testing your installation, debugging, and FAQs and their answers.
Log Rhythms
Tutorial: “Log Rhythms,” by Rael Dornfest. Discusses page view, unique host vs, unique visitor, impression, the access log, and the error log.
Gathering Visitor Information
Tutorial: “Gathering Visitor Information” Customizing Your Logfiles,” from ApacheWeek. Discusses logging in Apache, customizing the log file format, logging browser and user information, multiple logs, advanced configuration options, logs and virtual hosts, and configurable format reference.
Using Apache Image Maps
Tutorial: “Using Apache Image Maps,” from ApacheWeek. Discusses the imagemap CGI program, imagemap module, creating the map file, HTML for an imagemap, map menu document, directives, and client-side imagemaps.
Apache Web Server Documentation Project
Tutorial: “The Apache Web Server Documentation Project,” by Ken Coar. Discusses the apache-docs mailing list, accessing the documentation project, using subversion, downloading and unpacking tarballs, editing the documentation, translating the documentation, patches, applying patches to your working files, undoing a patch you applied, submitting changes, rules for XML, and troubleshooting.
Adding PHP to Apache on Linux
Tutorial: “Adding PHP to Apache on Linux,” by Ken Coar. Discusses what PHP is, downloading PHP, getting the most recent release, PHP extensions, building PHP for CGI use, building PHP as an Apache module, linking statically, building mod_php as a dynamically-loaded object, and testing your installation.
Using the Apache CVS Repository
Tutorial: “Using the Apache CVS Repository,” by Ken Coar. Discusses using the anonymous CVS method, using the tarball download method, and using rsync to maintain synchronicity.
Securing Your Web Pages with Apache
Tutorial: “Securing Your Web Pages with Apache,” by Ken Coar. Discusses what Apache security will not help, voluntary vs. involuntary access control, authentication vs. authorization, realms (areas of controlled access), the client/server authentication handshake, Apache security processing phases, Basic authentication vs. digest auth, the satisfy directive, restricting by IP address, restricting by user credentials, labeling, conditionalising by method, inheritance, requiring a specific user name, standard Apache security modules, allowing users to control access to their own documents, using the passwd file; the htpasswd, htdigest, and dbmmanage utilities, location of your authentication database, and FAQs and their answers.
Preventing Image Theft
Tutorial: “Preventing Image Theft,” by Ken Coar. Discusses identifying the files to protect, the referrer header field, using SetEnvIf to tag images, using envariables in access control, and logging snitch-attempt requests.
Custom Error Pages with Apache
Tutorial: “Custom Error Pages with Apache,” by Dan Wellman. Discusses creating a custom error page, internationalization error pages, and maintaining and updating error pages.
Installing and Configuring Apache 2 Windows XP
Tutorial: “Installing and Configuring Apache 2 on a Windows XP Machine,” by Dan Wellman. Discusses downloading Apache, configuring, getting PHP working, and configuring MySQL.
Building Apache the Way You Want It
Tutorial: “Building Apache the Way You Want It,” from Apress Publishing. Discusses changing default settings, optimizing the server, selecting modules to include, applying patches, verifying the Apache source archive, verifying md5sum, verifying PGP/GPG, configuring and building Apache, Apache 2 vs. Apache 1.3 configuration process; setting the default server port, user, and group; determining which modules to include, enabling or disabling individual modules, enabling or disabling modules in bulk, building Apache as a dynamic server,  changing the module order, checking the generated configuration, building Apache from source as an RPM, advanced configuration, configuring Apache’s layout, choosing a layout scheme, the binary distribution layout, adding and customizing layouts, determining Apache’s locations individually, choosing a multiprocessing module, UNIX MPMs, OS/2 MPMs, building Apache with suExc support, configuring Apache’s supporting files and scripts, configuring Apache 2 for cross-platform builds, configuring Apache for production or debug builds, configuring Apache for Binary distribution, configuring Apache’s library and include paths, configuring the build environment, building modules with configure and apxs, adding third-party modules with configure, building modules with apxs, installing modules with apxs, generating module templates with apxs, and overriding apxs defaults using apxs in makefiles.
Logging in Apache
Tutorial: “Logging in Apache,” from Apress Publishing. Discusses configuring logging in Apache, security issues of log files, reading the log files, remote logging, logging on a remote host, advantages and disadvantages of logging on a remote machine, hybrid design, MySQL database, Perl components, scripts, and checkpoints.
Apache and the Internet
Tutorial: “Apache and the Internet,” from Apress Publishing. Discusses anatomy of a web server, how Apache works, configuring Apache, hypertext transfer protocol, understanding the HTTP protocol, networking and TCP/IP, TCP/IP network model, netmasks and routing, and IPv6.

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