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DotNetNuke (DNN) Resource Center


DNN Creative Magazine
Lists the latest DotNetNuke news, updates, articles, tips and more from the DotNetNuke community. Users can submit their own RSS DotNetNuke feeds.
Includes module developer resources, skinning resources and image resources. Tutorials include the “DotNetNuke 4—Module Development Guide,” by Michael Washington and “How to Create a DotNetNuke Skin Object,” by Patrick J. Santry. Provides a list of websites (categorized as free or cheap) that offer image resources for your website.
Forum topics include special bonuses (such as subscriber bonuses and readers offers), users lounge, DotNetNuke, hosting and skinning toolkit. Lists the latest forum posts.
Module Directory
List of modules. Includes free modules, premium modules, articles, news and announcements, content management modules, ecommerce modules, Google modules, image and gallery modules, promotion modules and RSS modules. For premium modules, you are directed to Snowcovered for purchase.
Includes module reviews, website design interviews and book reviews. Module reviews may be based on news and articles regarding modules, on images and gallery modules or on module development. Example website design interviews include one with Tim O’Brien on CSS Skin Design and validation and an interview with Brad Schafer on website design using DotNetNuke. Features an eBook review on Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, by Rok Hrastnik, which provides an analysis of how it will help you to implement RSS feeds within your DotNetNuke portal.
Lists DNN Creative articles. Categorizes articles by subject including business, DotNetNuke hosting, Google, Podcasting, RSS, search engine optimization and web design. Offers a syndication option that lists all the articles by RSS categories
List of tutorials on Categories include beginners tutorials, administrators tutorials, core module tutorials, tutorials for advanced users, skinning tutorials and module development tutorials. Tutorials are in video or text format.
Subscription Details
Subscriber information including cost, payment and benefits.  Discusses what a year subscription offers, including forum support; access to DotNetNuke video tutorials, reviews, mp3s and articles, access to code (for creating modules) and more. Provides a subscription FAQ.
DNN Creative Magazine
DNN Creative Magazine is a DotNetNuke resource website. They provide news, reviews, tutorials and report on events in the DotNetNuke community. Topics covered include skinning, module development, administrator resources, installations, upgrades, page templates, interviews, security, RSS and more. Includes a module directory with free and premium modules and links to Snowcovered’s 10 most popular modules.

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Update :: January 23, 2020