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DotNetNuke (DNN) Resource Center


DotNetNuke Project
DotNetNuke Project Issues
Lists the DotNetNuke project issue, its type, priority, component, a summary of the issue, who it’s assigned to, status, resolution and revision date.
DotNetNuke Project Change Log
The DotNetNuke change log lists the changes for each release of DotNetNuke. Includes the component, issue type, issue ID, summary of the problem, resource and status. Issues are categorized by release.
DNN Project Roadmap
The DNN project roadmap consists of all of the DotNetNuke product enhancements, bug fixes, new features and tasks.
DNN Core Framework
The DotNetNuke Corporation is actively involved in the evolution of the DNN Core Framework. They manage the project road map in terms of product enhancements, project schedule, setting goals and more. The DNN Core Framework home page describes the DNN Core Framework categories, symbols and vocabularies, and introduces the people responsible for a particular issue. It also includes links to DotNetNuke project Issues, DotNetNuke change log and the DNN project road map.

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Update :: January 23, 2020