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Eclipse Project: Web Tools Project (WTP)
Web Applications with Eclipse, WTP, and Derby
Tutorial: "Build Web Applications with Eclipse, WTP, and Derby," by Susan L. Cline. Discusses the Eclipse WTP project, web standard tools, J2EE standard tools, components of the web application, software requirements, software configuration, application design, creating the web project from the WAR, configuring the data layer, adding the Apache Derby nature, set derby.system.home for the project, starting the Derby network server running ij, the WTP data tools, exploring the view layer and JSPs, examining the flow of control and running the application, and using the JSP debugger.
Overview of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform
Article: "Overview of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform," by Tim Wagner, Ted Bashor, Paul Meijer, and Pieter Humphrey. Discusses the WTP project charter, WTP scope, web applications, deployment descriptor editing, structured source editor framework, XML tools, setting up an XML project, design view, error checking, XML content assist, Schema editing, Schema storage, Web Service tools, WSDL editor, creating a new web service from a WSDL, creating a new web service from a JavaBean, Web Service Explorer, Enterprise JavaBeans, server tools, using WTP server functions (debug/run) on a server, project types, flexible projects, and builders.
Eclipse Web Tools
Article: "Eclipse Web Tools," by Lawrence Mandel and Jeffrey Liu. Discusses the Web Tools Platform project, a tour of the Eclipse Web Tools, the data layer (model), the business layer (controller) with J2EE, the presentation layer (view), and deploying your application.
Persisting EMF Models with WPT
Tutorial: "Persisting EMF Models with WPT," by Daniel Rohe. Discusses the EMF model, mapping of EMF classes to DOM elements, integrating translators into EMF resource, and using the model in an editor.
Creating Web Applications with the Eclipse WTP
Article: "Creating Web Applications with the Eclipse Web Tools Project," by Boris Minkin. Discusses configuring MySQL database and the data source, building a web application using Web Tools and a database, creating domain support classes and tables, creating database command classes, creating servlets and JSPs, debugging application in Eclipse with WPT, and deploying the application to Tomcat.
Build Rich Internet Applications
Tutorial: "Build Rich Internet Applications," by Christopher Judd.
Authoring with Eclipse
Tutorial: "Authoring with Eclipse," by Chris Aniszczyk and Lawrence Mandel. Discusses technical documentation, advantages of an XML format, tool chain, creation and review, publication, HTML, PDF, Eclipse infocenter, and current limitations.
Developing Web Services with Eclipse WTP
Article: "Developing Web Services 'Eclipse Web Tools Project,'" by Boris Minkin. Discusses SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, building a bottom-up web service, building a top-down web service, and testing and debugging web services.
Creating Database Web Applications with Eclipse
Tutorial: "Creating Database Web Applications with Eclipse," by Stephen Schaub. Discusses software requirements, getting started with Derby, creating a Derby database, creating a Web project, writing the application, testing the application, letting users leave feedback, and deploying the database.
Eclipse, WTP, Struts, and Hibernate
Article: "Bringing Together Eclipse, WTP, Struts, and Hibernate," by Boris Minkin. Discusses an application overview, adding struts support, adding hibernate support, and exporting an Eclipse project into WAR.
WTP Community
Locate additional information about the WTP community, including articles, books, tutorials, white papers and bug reports.
Key Principles for the Eclipse Web Tools Project
The key principles for the Eclipse Web Tools Project, overview, mission statement, terms of use and more.
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project (for developing J2EE Web applications) home page. Includes project details (goals, principles and scope), community resources (events, articles, books, presentations and tutorials), development resources (release plans), information for adopters (bug list, tools, and resources for building commercial and open source products), information for contributors and committers (listings of people working on the project), FAQs, newsgroups, tutorials and articles. Subprojects include Web Standard Tools (WST), J2EE Standard Tools (JST), and JavaServer Faces Tools (JSF). Download the latest version of WTP and read about what is new.

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