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Firefox Resource Center
Firefox Books
Firefox Secrets, May 2005, by Cheah Chu Yeow. Discusses web browser history, open source, features, security, getting the latest releases for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux, importing settings from other browsers, tabbed browsing, tabs vs. multiple windows, using tabs, search and search tools, popup blocking, disabling JavaScript, downloading files, download manager, installing plugins, getting email, Firefox bookmarks, importing, exporting, creating a bookmark, using the bookmarks toolbar, bookmarks sidebar, RSS reconnaissance, creating a live bookmark, using history, managing cookies, auto-completing forms, using the password manager, secure HTTPS pages; introducing, shopping, and working with themes; installing themes, uninstalling themes, changing themes, updating themes, tour of successful themes, installing extensions, installing from other sites, installing from a local site, using the extension manager, updating extensions, disabling and installing extensions, fixing problems with safe mode, saving and recovering your place, handling irritating content, adding helpful content, new ways of searching, upgrading your mouse, better downloading, getting news, fun extensions (CuteMenus and FoxyTunes), modifying preferences, enabling resizable frames, modifying scripted popups, single window mode, speeding up Firefox, inline URL auto-completion, Firefox profiles, editing profile files with ChromEdit, making unread tabs, shifting the sidebar to the right, disabling psychedelic content, making the back button bigger, making the search bar bigger, removing the search bar, maximizing browser real estate, calculators, using the profile manager, adding a global all.js file, adding a global user.js file, Firefox's standard tools, developer extensions, getting views and opinions, getting reference materials, troubleshooting, defining nightly builds, news on nightly builds, getting nightly builds, and Mozilla's Bugzilla.

Mozilla Firefox: Introductory Concepts and Techniques, September 2005, by Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Steven G. Forsythe, and Steven M. Freund. Provides an introduction to Firefox and discusses web research techniques, search engines, communicating over the Internet using Mozilla's Thunderbird, and open source concepts and Firefox customization. Appendices cover installing Firefox and Thunderbird, and Firefox options.

Don't Click on the Blue E! Switching to Firefox, May 2005, by Scott Granneman. Discusses browser history, installing and configuring Firefox, options, customizing toolbars, profiles, help, Firefox features, sidebars, managers, advanced topics (including searching, live bookmarks, counteracting web annoyances, safety, security, and advanced configuration, and Contribute!). Appendices cover other browsers and Firefox options.

Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools for the Next-Generation Web Browsing, March 2005, by Nigel McFarlane. Discusses Firefox basics, ways to display web pages, navigating to a web page, identifying and using toolbar icons, keyboard shortcuts, starting up from the command line, security, single sign-on servers, web proxies, ports, sockets, installation, edit configuration files, the preference system, installing complementary tools, remotely managing user configurations, installing fonts and character support, filtering system, web surfing enhancements, bookmarks, tabbed browsing, search tools, toolbars, create search plug-ins, spidering the web, power tools for web developers, power XML for web pages, customize Firefox's interface, adding a new XPCOM component, adding a new command-line option, themes, cross-platform differences, running multiple browsers, making extensions work, and bugzilla.

Programming Firefox: Building Internet Applications with XUL, January 2007, by Kenneth Feldt. XUL is the XML User Interface Language which was developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Check out the XUL wiki at

Hacking Firefox: More Than 150 Hacks, Mods, and Customizations, August 2005, by Mel Reyes. Discusses installing the document inspector gadget, editing and programming text tools, using the JavaScript console, profiles, backing up, using about:config to hack, hacking your profile settings, hacking browser and web page content, basic hacking extensions, hacking extensions, hacking themes and icons, changing a window's background color, performance, optimizing page rendering, optimizing disk and memory cache, security, privacy, banner ads, cookies, images, menus, toolbars, status bar, navigation, tab browsing, downloading, plugins, searching, installation, deployment, backing up and managing your profile/settings, hacking tools for web programmers, understanding Mozilla programming, creating extensions, and creating themes.
Firefox for Dummies, January 2006, by Blake Ross. Discusses finding your way around Firefox, setting up Firefox, finding information online, bookmarking sites, returning to sites you visited, browsing with tabs, filling in forms quickly, blocking popups, e-mailing with Thunderbird, downloading and saving files, printing web pages, finding help, outfoxing hackers, staying safe online, setting your options, finding a theme, tailoring toolbars, controlling the way web sites look, extending Firefox, ten secrets to a foxier web, and the ten best Firefox extensions. Appendices cover the Firefox menu reference, keyboard reference and drag-and-drop reference.

Firefox and Thunderbird Garage, April 2005, by Chris Hofmann, Marcia Knous, and John Hedtke. Discusses making Firefox secure, managing passwords, handling unwanted popups, using the built-in search tools, creating live bookmarks, tabbed browsing, installing plug-ins,; setting up email, RSS and newsgroup accounts, organizing messages, security, and keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

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