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Firefox 3 Resource Center
Firefox for Dummies
Firefox for Dummies, by Blake Ross (January 2006). Discusses finding your way around Firefox, setting up Firefox, finding information online, bookmarking great sites, returning to sites you’ve visited, browsing with tabs, filling in forms quickly, blocking popup ads, e-mailing with Thunderbird, downloading and saving files, printing web pages, finding additional help, clearing your tracks, staying safe online, setting your options, finding your dream theme, tailoring your toolbars, controlling the way web sites look, extending Firefox, ten secrets to a foxier web and the ten best Firefox extensions.
Programming Firefox: Building RIAs w/ XUL
Programming Firefox: Building Rich Internet Applications with XUL, by Kenneth Feldt (April 2007). Discusses Mozilla to Firefox and Thunderbird, XML technologies, the DOM, mixing document types, XUL basics, coding and testing for the real world, configuring for Chrome and a server, multiframe XUL, trees, templates, data sources, DOM manipulation, input/output, graphics, extending the interface, Xforms, installation and deployment, and an XUL widget reference.
Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools,
Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools for the Next Generation Web Browsing, by Nigel McFarlane (March 2005). Discusses the Firefox basics, security, installation, web surfing enhancements, power tools for web developers, power XML for web pages, hack the Chrome ugly, hack the Chrome cleanly and work more closely with Firefox.

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