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Linux Kernel Architecture: Loadable Kernel Modules (LKMs)
Loadable Kernel Modules Resource
Describes how to program Linux loadable kernel modules (LKMs) and discusses the use and behavior of LKMs.
"Loadable Kernel Modules: Do they Violate the GPL"
Whitepaper: "Loadable Kernel Modules: Do they Violate the GPL?" Topics include LKMs as derivative works, LKMs according to open source leaders, LKMs and the GPL (General Public License), LKMs and the Linux kernel, and why LKMs should not be used to avoid the GPL.
"Using Linux Device Drivers as Modules"
Article: "Using Linux Device Drivers as Modules" from SCYLD Software, shows you how to use Linux device drivers and LKMs. Topics include compiling a device driver module, testing the module, and problems and solutions.
"Implementing Loadable Kernel Modules for Linux"
Article: "Implementing Loadable Kernel Modules for Linux" by Matt Welsh. Shows you how to implement a dynamic kernel module, and how to load it on a running system.
"Linux Drivers and the Kernel"
Sample chapter: "Linux Drivers and the Kernel" from the book, Linux Administration Handbook, by Evi Nemeth, Trent H. Hein, and Garth Snyder. Includes a section on "Loadable Kernel Modules."
"Linux Loadable Kernel Modules HowTo"
Tutorial: "Linux Loadable Kernel Modules HowTo" by Bryan Henderson. Topics include an introduction to Loadable Kernel Modules, making Loadable Kernel Modules, LKM utilities, inserting and removing LKMs, unresolved symbols, how to boot without a disk device driver, module parameters, persistent data, technical details, writing your own Loadable Kernel Module, differences between versions of Linux, copyright considerations with LKMs, individual modules and more.
Linux Loadable Kernel Modules Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Linux Loadable Kernel Modules. Includes a description of LKMs, licensing information, criticisms and more.

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