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Linux Kernel Architecture: User-Mode Linux (UML)
"UML-based Pseudo-dedicated Hosting Service"
Tutorial: "UML-based Pseudo-dedicated Hosting Service" by David Coulson. Topics include the host, preparing networking, getting started with UML, running UMLs, about the users, project status, pitfalls of using UML, and more.
"Learning with User-Mode Linux"
Article: "Know Your Enemy: Learning with User-Mode Linux—Building Virtual Honeynets using UML" by the Honeynet Project. Discusses how to build an open-source honeynet—a resource that is designed specifically to be attacked and compromised so that you can learn from attackers, how they compromise the system and, as a result, you find the vulnerabilities that need to be fixed.
"User-Mode Linux HowTo"
Tutorial: "User-Mode Linux HowTo" by the User Mode Linux Core Team. Provides an introduction to the kernel and discusses compiling the kernels and modules, running UML and logging in, UML on 2G/2G hosts, setting up serial lines and consoles, setting up the network, sharing filesystems between virtual machines, creating filesystems, host file access, the management console, kernel debugging, what to do when UML doesn't work, and diagnosing problems.
User-Mode Linux Wiki
User-Mode Linux wiki. Discusses kernels, file systems and more.
User-Mode Linux (UML)
Explains how to download, install and use User-Mode Linux (UML). Site includes tutorials, articles, downloads, case studies, a wiki, installation instructions, screenshots, papers and more.
User Mode Linux (UML) Wiki
Wikipedia entry provides a brief introduction to User Mode Linux (UML).

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