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Linux Operating Systems Distributions: Slackware
Tips and Tricks
Find Slackware tips and tricks, organized by topic.
Slackware Resource Site
Slackware resource site includes forums, downloads, news and more.
eBook: Slackware Linux Basics
eBook: Slackware Linux Basics, by Daniel de Kok. Introduction to Slackware for people with little or no GNU/Linux experience. Topics include Slackware installation, configuration and basic GNU/Linux commands.
The Slackbook
Slackware user's guide.
Slackware Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Slackware. Topics include history, releases, ZipSlack (a smaller version of Slackware), design philosophies, Internet communities, Slackware-based distributions and external links.
Slackware Downloads and Resources
Slackware strives to be the most "Unix-like" of any of the Linux operating systems. Site includes downloads, FAQ, installation help, change logs, support, mailing lists and more.

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Update :: November 15, 2019