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Open Source Articles and Papers
Why Open Source Software/Free Software?
Paper: “Why Open Source Software/Free Software (OSS/FS, FLOSS or FOSS)? Look at the Numbers!” November 2005, by David A. Wheeler. This free downloadable text discusses using open source software/free software (OSS/FS) when creating software, challenges, terminology and conventions, GNU/Linux, reliability, performance, scalability, security, total cost of ownership, non-quantitative issues, unnecessary fears, OSS/FS on the desktop: client computing, usage reports, governments and OSS/FS, OSS/FS in the USA, Europe, South America, Central America and other countries and countering government use of OSS/FS.
Open But Not as Usual
Article: “Open But Not as Usual,” from The Economist, March 16, 2006. Discusses how the business community has taken up the practice of open source for their products and services. Topics include ensuring quality, handling of intellectual property, security issues, and the sharing of new information.
No Easy Fix for Open Source Licensing Issues
Article: “No Easy Fix for Open Source Licensing Issues,” by Glen Kunene. Discusses the licensing issues for open source developers and companies. Topics include redundancy, copyright, trademark, and patent issues.
Open Source Database Feature Comparison Matrix
Article: “Open Source Database Feature Comparison Matrix,” by Joshua D. Drake and Uday Parmar. Compares Apache Derby 10.0, MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.1, and One$DB 4.0. Features listed include database connections, concurrent access to multiple databases, multi-version concurrency control, Unicode support, replication support; specifications for SQL 99 and ODBC; relational database features such as sequences/auto-increment column, user-defined functions, update-capable views, triggers, domains, BLOB, CLOB, name length limit, delimited identifiers, stored procedures; procedural languages such as PL/SQL. Java, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby and R; DQL features include joins, subqueries, nested queries, correlated subqueries, multi-column predicate, expression support, union, intersection, except, and full text search; Java/JDBC features include JDBC 3.0, J2EE certified, pooled connections, RowSets, SavePoints, parameter metadata, database metadata, ResultSetand GetAutoGenertatedKeys, XA; Native language support includes C/C++, C#.NET, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby; security features include users, role, privilege, and encryption. Database administration tools include IJ Scripting Tool, Cloudview, Import/Export, WinMySQL Admin, MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser Command Shell, PgAdmin, psql, phpPgAdmin, Shell, Browser, Shell Server, Browser Server, and Server. Topics rated include hot backup, table spaces, point-in-time recovery, and table partitioning; graphical interface features include creating database objects, manipulating data in database objects, viewing properties of various database objects, graphical interface to execute SQL queries, and support for executing multiple queries simultaneously.ase Feature Comparison Matrix
Key Open Source Software in Corprate Applications
Article: “Integrate Key Open Source Software Functionality into Your Corporate Applications,” by Rikki Kirtzner. Discusses features and advantages of WAS CE (a J2EE 1.4 compatible application server).
Open Source Everywhere
Article: “Open Source Everywhere,” by Thomas Goetz. Discusses sharing the goal, the work, and the result, and harnessing the means of innovation.
The Myths of Open Source
Article: “The Myths of Open Source,” by Malcolm Wheatley. Discusses six myths about open source—the attraction is the price tag, the savings aren't real, there's no support, it's a legal minefield, open source isn't for mission-critical applications, and open source isn't ready for the desktop.
The Open Source Definition
Article: “The Open Source Definition,” by Bruce Perens. Discusses the history of open source, the open source definition, free redistribution, source code, derived works, integrity of source code, distribution license, analysis of licenses and their open source compliance, the GNU general public license; the X, BSD and Apache licenses; artistic license, the Netscape and the Mozilla public licenses, choosing a license, and the future of open source.
Open Source-Based Portal-Lite
Article: “Open Source-Based Portal-Lite,” by Scott Nelson. Discusses titles vs. templates, anatomy of a portal, building the portal, creating portal page definitions, page layout, embedding Tomcat and Java, and user-friendly updates.
2006 Open Source Product of the Year
Article: “2006 Open Source Product of the Year,” by David DeWolf. Discusses five products that were selected as finalists for the Open Source Tool of the Year award. The finalists include Selenium for functional (Web) testing that uses scripts within a browser; Subversion is a revision control system (RCS) featuring atomic commits, directories and meta-data versioning, HTTP access, offline diff (differencing) utilities (for file comparison), and other enhancements. Eclipse is an IDE that provides multi-language, multi-platform, multi-vendor environment. IDEs are available for Java, Ruby, C/C++ and COBOL. The Firefox browser's new features include tabbed browsing, integrated search, live bookmarks, and integrated popup blocking. Open Office 2.0 features a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation tool, mail merge, ability to read and write Microsoft Office documents, macro recorders, and Macromedia Flash integration.
Wikipedia Definition and History of Open Source
Wikipedia definition and history of open source. Topics include public domain, The Free Software Foundation, Netscape, Mozilla, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), the Open Source Initiative, Free/Open-Source Software (FOSS), Free/Libre/Open-Source software (FLOSS), and the open source definition.

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