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Open Source Resource Center

Gone are the days when all software was proprietary and expensive. Welcome to the world of open source software, where developers share their code, improve and customize applications to meet their specific needs and contribute to community-based projects. And the best part—most open source software is free! In our Open Source Resource Center you'll find:

  • Operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD and others.
  • Multimedia tools like the Rockbox open-source jukebox and the Blender 3D graphics application for animation, rendering, modeling, and more.
  • Office suites including OpenOffice, KOffice, GNOME and others.
  • Bulletin board, e-commerce and Web design applications.
  • Content Management Systems including Plone, OpenCMS and others.
  • Links to business applications, including CRM, database, business intelligence, financial systems and more!

In addition, you'll find:


Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 23, 2020