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SharePoint Books
Essential SharePoint 2007
Essential SharePoint 2007: A Practical Guide for Users, Administrators and Developers, by Jeff Webb (September 2007). Discusses using SharePoint; Word, Excel and Outlook, creating sites, creating libraries, building pages; creating My Sites, blogs and wikis, enabling email and workflow; RSS, rollups and site maps, gathering data with InfoPath, programming web parts, consuming SharePoint services, and administering SharePoint. Appendices cover upgrading and reference tables.
SharePoint 2007: The Definitive Guide
SharePoint 2007: The Definitive Guide, by James Pyles, Christopher Buechler, Bob Fox, Murray Gordon, Michael Lotter, Jason Medero, Nilesh Mehta, Joris Poelmans, Christopher Praggash, Piotr Prussak, and Christopher Regan (September 2007). Discusses Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007, changes in the WSS architecture, installing SharePoint 2007, configuring a multiuser farm, designing SharePoint sites, understanding the datasheet and explorer views; applying templates, page layouts and themes, creating and managing document workspaces and libraries, creating and managing meeting workspaces, creating and managing discussions, creating and managing SharePoint groups and users, creating and managing picture libraries, creating and managing lists, business intelligence and SharePoint, sharing contacts and meetings with Outlook; creating, editing and managing Word documents with SharePoint, creating in SharePoint Designer 2007, InfoPath and SharePoint, designing SharePoint My Sites, applying security to SharePoint sites, SharePoint administration, upgrading from SharePoint Portal Server 2003, using server-side and client-side web parts, using SharePoint web services, using the SharePoint Object Model, and web content management.
Microsoft SharePoint for Dummies
Microsoft SharePoint for Dummies, by Vanessa L. Williams (April 2007). Discusses setting up SharePoint, exploring SharePoint’s building blocks, improving information worker collaboration and productivity, enterprise applications for SharePoint, understanding SharePoint technology, SharePoints role in a company, preparing for SharePoint, creating an evaluation server, accessing SharePoint’s administrative pages, performing administrative tasks, creating the site hierarchy, sites and site content, navigating SharePoint, granting access to SharePoint, managing data with SharePoint, managing business processes with SharePoint, using SharePoint for collaboration, communicating with SharePoint, using portal sites, configuring profiles, personalizing sites, searching the enterprise, exploring document and records management, publishing web content, providing access to business intelligence, administrating and monitoring SharePoint, backing up the server, resources and implementations.
SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide
SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide: Learning Microsoft’s Collaboration and Productivity Platform, by Seth Bates and Tony Smith (February 2007). Discusses an introduction to SharePoint technologies, site layouts, site navigation, site creation, managing site security, changing site details, managing site templates, WSS (Windows SharePoint Services ) site search, using site statistics, managing site and site collection features, the SharePoint server 2007, list concepts, lists, libraries, workflow and information management policies, pages and web parts, personalization features, document management solutions, and project collaboration solutions.
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Unleashed
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Unleashed, by Michael Noel and Colin Spence (April 2007). Discusses SharePoint 2007, planning and architecting a SharePoint 2007 deployment, planning redundancy and scaling the SharePoint environment, planning the user environment, installing Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, migrating from SharePoint 2003 to 2007, using libraries and lists, managing libraries and lists; designing and managing pages, workspaces, and sites in SharePoint; using Word, Excel and Excel Services with SharePoint, leveraging additional Office products in SharePoint, implementing records management and enabling web content management, enhanced search capabilities, managing and administrating SharePoint infrastructure, securing a SharePoint environment, managing and monitoring environments and databases, configuring email-enabled content and exchange server integration, enabling presence information, providing secured remote access, and exploring business process and business intelligence features in SharePoint 2007.
Real World SharePoint 2007
Real World SharePoint 2007: Indispensable Experiences from 16 MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) and WSS MVPs, by Robert Boque, Adam Buenz, Andrew Connell, Stacey Draper, Luis Du Solier Grinda, Todd Klindt, Jason Medero, Dustin Miller, Shane Perran, Joris Poelmans, Heather Solomon, Nick Swan, Jan Tielens, Mike Walsh, Shane Young and Scot Hillier (August 2007). Discusses licensing WSS 3.0, the components of the shared website, options within lists, security, the home page, interactions with browsers and clients, WSS 3.0 and Office 2007 working together, ways to see what’s new, configuring forms based authentication, understanding SharePoint administration, developing published sites the smart and structured way, using SharePoint Designer 2007, customizing and branding the SharePoint 2007 interface, understanding web parts, creating workflows in WSS, creating workflows in SharePoint Server 2007, using the business data catalog, using Excel services, securing SharePoint communication, using information rights management, and upgrading from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 using the gradual method.
Professional SharePoint 2007 Development
Professional SharePoint 2007 Development, by John Holliday, John Alexander, Jeff Julian, Eli Robillard, Brendon Schwartz, Matt Ranlett, J. Dan Attis, Adam Buenz and Tom Rizzo (June 2007). Discusses the Microsoft application platform and SharePoint, MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) 2007 overview for developers, the SharePoint user experience, WSS v3 platform services, programming Windows SharePoint Services, a sample collaboration solution; RSS, blogs and wikis, building personalized solutions, using enterprise search, using the business data catalog, building document management solutions, building records management solutions, building web content management solutions, electronic forms in MOSS 2007, building workflow solutions, and business intelligence and SharePoint Server 2007. The appendix covers using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Extension for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.
Inside MS Windows SharePoint Services 3
Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, by Ted Pattison and Daniel Larson (April 2007). Discusses getting started, the SharePoint architecture, pages and design, web parts, AJAX web parts, lists and content types, document libraries, SharePoint workflows, solutions and deployment and application security.
MS WSS 3.0 Step-By-Step
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Step-by-Step, by Olga Londer, Bill English, Todd Bleeker, and Penelope Coventry (April 2007). Discusses creating and managing SharePoint sites, web parts (including lists and libraries), working with collaborative features (such as surveys, discussion boards, wikis and blogs); and working with Excel 2007, Access 2007, InfoPath 2007 and Office Outlook 2007 in Windows SharePoint Services.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Bible
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Bible, by Avitiva Corp, Wynne Leon, Wayne Tynes and Simeon Cathey (June 2007). Discusses SharePoint products and technologies, installing SharePoint, using sites and pages, using lists and libraries, using and customizing web parts, using personalization features, searching and retrieving content, workflow and process improvement, extending Office Server, securing Office Server, managing web content, integrating Office System with SharePoint, using SharePoint as a business intelligence platform, using the report center, list templates, implementing the business data catalog, implementing content types, using SharePoint Designer, using the data view web part, and Internet portal solution scenarios.

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