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Web Servers Resource Center

Web Servers IIS 6
Microsoft IIS 6.0 Resource Kit
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Resource Kit, by the Microsoft IIS Team and Microsoft Corporation (January 2004). Discusses deploying IIS, determining application compatibility, deploying ASP.NET applications, deploying the web server, creating websites and virtual directories, securing websites and applications, ensuring application availability, upgrading and IIS server, migrating IIS websites to IIS 6.0, migrating Apache websites to IIS 6.0, the IIS 6.0 architecture, running IIS 6.0 as an application server, working with the metabase, managing a secure IIS 6.0 solution, optimizing performance, web server scalability, configuring Internet sites and services; scripts, tips and tracks, analyzing log files and troubleshooting.
Explore the Web Server for Windows Vista & Beyond
“Explore the Web Server for Windows Vista and Beyond,” by Mike Volodarsky. Discusses the modular web server, simplified deployment and configuration, administration, .NET framework and scripting, building web server features, ASP.NET integration, security, diagnostics, diagnosing errors without debugging, performance and backward compatibility.
Sample chapter: “IIS 6.0 Enhancements”
Sample chapter: “IIS 6.0 Enhancements,” from CYA Securing IIS 6.0 Chris Peiris, Bernard Cheah and Ken Schaefer (April 2004). Discusses increased reliability and availability, application pools, health monitoring, process recycling, rapid fail protection, orphaning worker processes, manageability improvements, HTML IIS administration interface, XML-based metabase, metabase history, metabase backup and restore, edit while running capability, administration interfaces, scalability and performance improvements, kernel mode HTTP.SYS driver, web gardens, processor affinity, persisted ASP template cache, caching heuristics, website scalability improvements, web server resource limits, security and the IIS not installed by default.
Microsoft IIS 6 Delta Guide
Microsoft IIS 6 Delta Guide (Internet Information Server), by Don Jones and Martin C. Brown (October 2003). Discusses supported features, availability, compatibility, architecture and execution, security, management, monitoring, performance, reliability, development, deployment, migrating from IIS 4/5 to IIS 6 and migrating from Apache to IIS 6. Appendices cover scalability, reliability and the IIS 6 resource kits guide.
A Guide to Understanding and Implementing IIS 6.0
Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0 Fundamentals: A Guide to Understanding and Implementing IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003, by Michael J. Ware (September 2003). Discusses creating a virtual enterprise, XML web services, IIS 6 features, Windows Server 2003, installation of IIS 6, application and website configuration, network load balancing, network load balancing configuration, simple mail transport protocol (SMTP) service, file transfer protocol (FTP) service, network news transport protocol (NNTP) service, the Microsoft application center and securing the service. The appendix covers IIS 6 basic website configuration.
Internet Information Services (IIS) Site
The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Internet Information Services (IIS) site. Topics include IIS 7 technical reference, IIS 7 operations, IIS 6 content revision summary, deploying IIS 6, planning and architecture, deployment, troubleshooting, security and protection, operations, technical reference, development, FAQ, configuring for dynamic content, isolating applications, backing up and configuring SSL Host Headers.
The IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools
“The IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools,” from Microsoft. Discusses the IIS 6.0 migration tool, the Apache to IIS 6.0 migration tool, the CustomAuth, the IISCertDeploy.vbs, the IIS Host Helper Service, the IISState, the Log parser, the Metabase Explorer, the permissions Verifier, the RemapUrl, the SelfSSL, the TinyGet, the Web Capacity Analysis tool and the WFetch.
The Microsoft IIS 6 Site
The Microsoft IIS 6 Site. Locate links to a product overview, features, news, reviews, demos, documentation, deployment guide, installation, development, security, performance, management, diagnostics, the IIS FAQ, support, webcasts and downloads.
Inside IIS 6
“Inside IIS 6,” by Mitch Tulloch. Discusses application isolation, IIS 6 administration, evolution of the IIS architecture (includes a chart showing a comparison of architecture for different versions of IIS), HTTP request heading and the XML metabase.
IIS 6.0 Security
“IIS 6.0 Security,” by Rohyt Belani and Michael Muchkin. Discusses default installation, file system access controls, executable virtual directories, parent paths, data validation, logging mechanisms, rapid-fall protection, application isolation and the principle of least privilege.
Sample chapter: “Overview of MS Web Services"
Sample chapter: “Overview of Microsoft Web Services,” from Microsoft IIS 6.0 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant, by William R. Stanek (April 2003). Discusses an introduction if IIS 6, the IIS 6 request processing architecture, worker processes, application pools, the application pool request queue, IIS 6 security architecture, capability lockdown, privilege changes, tool and file restrictions, authentication enhancements, IIS 6 features, FTP requests, FTP user isolation, health monitoring, host headers, HTTP 1.1 and HTTP compression, kernel-mode cache, on demand starting and time out, process accounting and throttling, rapid fall protection, SSL 3 and TLS (transport layer security), WebDAV, XML metabase, choosing appropriate web server hardware, memory, CPU, SMP and disk drives.
IIS 6 Administration
IIS 6 Administration, by Mitch Tulloch (April 2003). Discusses an introduction to IIS 6, the IIS 6 architecture, planning deployment, installing IIS 6, administering the Standard/Enterprise edition, administering the web edition, creating and configuring websites, creating and configuring applications, creating and configuring FTP sites, securing IIS, working from the command line, performance tuning and monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting, working with the metabase, SMTP, NNTP and publishing with IIS. The appendices cover a comparison of IIS 5 and 6 and IIS resources.
IIS 6: The Complete Reference
IIS 6: The Complete Reference, by Hethe Henrickson and Scott Hofmann (May 2003). Discusses IIS fundamentals, the WWW service, the FTP service, the SMPT service, the NNTP service, security, authentication, TCP/IP and DNS, administration tasks, encryption, logging, ASP programming, COM web programming, ASP.NET web services, ASP.NET web forms, the ALT server, ISAPI extensions, the software process and methodology for web applications, creating a website using IIS and troubleshooting.
Sample chapter: “IIS Fundamentals”
Sample chapter: “IIS Fundamentals,” from IIS 6: The Complete Reference, by Hethe Henrickson and Scott Hofmann (May 2003). Discusses the Windows server 2003, hardware support in Windows 2003, installing Windows 2003, installing IIS and the IIS subcomponents.
CYA Securing IIS 6.0
CYA Securing IIS 6.0, by Chris Peiris, Bernard Cheah and Ken Schaefer (April 2004). Discusses IIS 6 enhancements, understanding the IIS 6 architecture, hardening Windows Server 2003, installing IIS 6, configuring basic web server security, advanced web server security configuration, securing application pools, securing FTP sites, securing SMPT and POP3 services, securing NNTP virtual servers, securing certificate services, securing web publishing, securing Internet printing and monitoring IIS 6.
MS IIS 6.0 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant
Microsoft IIS 6.0 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant, by William R. Stanek (April 2003). Discusses Microsoft web services, core IIS administration, configuring websites and servers, customizing web server content, running IIS applications, managing ASP.NET, application pools, worked processes, managing web server security, managing Microsoft certificate services and SSL, managing FTP services, configuring and maintaining e-mail services, advanced e-mail service configuration options, administering the indexing service, performance tuning and monitoring, tracking user access and logging, IIS optimization and the metabase and IIS backup and recovery.

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