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Web Servers Resource Center

Web Servers Resource Sites
Guidelines on Securing Public Web Servers
"Guidelines on Securing Public Web Servers," by Miles Tracy, Wayne Jansen and Mark McLamon from the National institute of Standards and Technology. Discusses web server security problems, planning and management of web servers, securing the operating system, securely installing and configuring the web server, securing web content, authentication and encryption technologies, implementing a secure network for a web server and administering a web server. Appendices cover securing an Apache web server, securing an Internet information server, online web server security resources and web security tools and applications.
Apache HTTP Server Project
The Apache HTTP Server Project home page. Learn about the project, get license information, read the FAQs; get information about security, downloads, documentation, mailing lists, bug reports and support, and get information for developers.
Web Servers Directory
The Computer Information Center's directory of web server information. Find links and description about the Apache server project, the IBM e-server developer domain, IBM servers and support, a guide to HTTP server specs, the Netcraft Website Finder, searchSolaris (a Solaris-specific search engine), ServerWatch (for the latest news and reviews), links for web developers, Zope (an open source web application server) and related topics of interest.
Web Servers News, Help and Research,295493,sid99_tax305021,00.html
Web Servers news, help and research provided at Topics include configuring Linux servers for remote support, IIS tips to secure SQL servers, IIS security (configuring web server permissions for better access control), setting BIOS options for Linux, how to repair exchange-related IIS virtual directories and the Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) forum.
All About Web Servers / ®
All about web servers from®. Topics include creating documents with IIS, tuning a server for better performance, controlling server access with an htaccess file and comparisons of web servers. reference links include adding e-cash, server links, SearchWatch, and specialty servers.

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