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Wikis Resource Center


Introduction: What Wikis Are and How They Work
"A Short Guide to Wikis"
Whitepaper: "A Short Guide to Wikis: A Project Locker Whitepaper" (April 2006). Includes an introduction to wikis. Explains how wikis are used in project management, collaboration and knowledge management. Discusses the strategic importance of wikis, wikis in action and more.
"How Wikis Work"
Article: "How Wikis Work" by Marshall Brain. Topics include an introduction to wikis, understanding Wikipedia, creation of Wikipedia pages, understanding a wiki community, changing a page, community tools, vandalism and "edit wars" and more.
"Which Open Source Wiki Works For You?"
Article: "Which Open Source Wiki Works For You?" by Shlomi Fish. Topics include common features offered by wiki implementations, evaluation criteria, Twiki, Kwiki, PmWiki, MediaWiki, MoinMoin, UseModWiki, PhPWiki and Chiq-Chaq.
"What Makes an Enterprise Wiki?"
Article: "What Makes an Enterprise Wiki?" by Mark Choate (April 28, 2006). Topics include wikis and content management, content creation and editing, site structure and navigation, content repository and APIs, templates, workflow, control vs. flexibility, change monitoring, spam prevention and user access control.
Wikipedia Entry for WikiWikiWeb
Wikipedia entry for WikiWikiWeb—the first ever wiki. Includes an introduction to WikiWikiWeb and links to related sites. Also includes a discussion about how WikiWikiWeb served as a precursor to other online communities.
"Making the Case for a Wiki"
Article: "Making the Case for a Wiki" by Emma Tonkin. Topics include an introduction to wikis, single-user wikis, collaborative writing, knowledge base, choosing a wiki, issues in deployment and future trends. Includes a table comparing the features of several popular wiki tools.
Introduction to Wikis
Visit this site for a brief introduction to wikis. Discusses the book, The Wiki Way, by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham. Includes links to the wiki software applications, wiki discussion forums and more.
Wikipedia Entry
Wikipedia entry for wikis. Topics include an introduction to wikis, history, typical site operations, key characteristics (pages and editing, linking and creating pages, searching, server-side vs. client-side wikis, and web-based vs. peer-to-peer wikis), controlling changes, vandalism, wiki communities, wikis and content management systems and more.
Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams (December 2006). Learn how the emergence of collaborative tools like wikis will help companies innovate and create products and services.

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