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Building Web Communities Resource Center


Building Web Communities: Social News Sites
Wordofblog allows you to spread the word on things you like or causes you care about.
Clipmarks allows you (the community) to take editorial control of information from online resources. Users take nuggets of information from web pages and post the clips on Clipmarks to share with other users. The Clipmarks community controls which clips appear on the top. Search by category, latest clips, Today's Top 20 and more.
Reddit allows the community to control the editorial content of the site by adding content resources and voting on the content submitted by others. Over time, Reddit learns your likes and dislikes and can filter the content based on your specific tastes.
Gabbr is a social news site that allows you to read and comment on news and blog entries posted from resources all over the web. Submit your blog entries and allow the community to comment.
Digg allows users to drive the content on the site; users submit articles and rate articles already on the site. You can search for articles by topic including entertainment, technology, science, world and business, sports, videos and gaming. You can also view articles by the top stories for the day, week, month or year.

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Update :: January 17, 2020