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Community Generated Content Resource Center


Community Generated Content: Projects, Software, and Technologies
"Connecting Social Content Services Using..."
Paper: "Connecting Social Content Services Using FOAF, RDF, and REST," by Leigh Dodds. Discusses how web services allow users to share their content, the benefits of open web services, defines social content, and suggests some best practices for developers of web services. Topics also include the benefits of web services, savvy web users, open source and open data, social content services, a review of existing web services, and best practice recommendations.
Free content management system and web site developer from Pligg. In order to use the software, the current versions of PHP and MySQL should be installed on your system. Support is available through the Pligg forum, and the Pligg Wiki.
"Blog-Spotting with IBM"
Article: "Blog-Spotting with IBM" by Colin C. Haley. Discusses the Public Image Monitoring Solution, a software program that monitors and analyzes community generated content such as blogs, wikis, news feeds, and newsgroups that mention IBM or the name of any company or organization using the software.
"Blades Buyers-Guide Project"
Project: "Blades Buyers-Guide Project" with the sponsorship of HP, the project is seeking community-generated content on evaluating, purchasing and recommending blade servers in order to produce an accurate and in-depth "Blades Buyer's Guide."

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