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Microformats Resource Center


Microformats Podcasts
Discussion of Microformats
Podcast: Discussion of Microformats with Tantek Çelik of Technorati, Dan Connolly of the W3C, Rohit Khare of CommerceNet Labs, and Alex Barnett of Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet. Topics include an introduction to microformats; the history of microformats; microformats community, wikis and mailing lists; the benefits of microformats; scenarios for using microformats; the schema design philosophy; the evolution of microformats; widely adopted link microformats (rel tag); compound microformats (hCard implementations and hCalendar implementations; remixed microformats (hReview and Listing examples); making the simple things easy; interoperability with other formats; Ray Ozzie's Live Clipboard demo (screencasts) and microformats—the cut and paste semantic web; Microformats-REST; pasting 'live' and RSS-enabled network pipe systems; live syndication and packaging of data formats; understanding the semantic web; microformats—an onramp onto the semantic web future; and more.

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Update :: November 21, 2019