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Microformats Resource Center


Microformats and the Semantic Web
Understanding Elemental Microformats
Article: Microformats: "Understanding Elemental Microformats," by Molly E. Holzschlag (Nov 3, 2006). Topics include Creative Commons and rel-license, managing Link Spam with rel-nofollow, placing votes in the hands of the people with VoteLinks, defining relationships with XFN (XHTML Friends Network, a microformat for representing human relationships using hyperlinks), tagging everything and more.
Microformats: Managing Personal and Event Data
Article: "Microformats: Managing Personal and Event Data," by Molly E. Holzschlag (Oct 27, 2006). Topics include web-based vs. non-web-based technologies, vCard and hCard, iCalendar and hCalendar, style, reusability, flexibility and more.
Microformats: Tomorrow’s Web Today
Article: "Microformats: Tomorrow’s Web Today," by Molly Holzschlag. Topics include the Semantic Web, the lowercase "semantic web," a comparison of Microformats and the Semantic Web, and getting started with microformats.
XML 2006 Conference
XML 2006 Conference
December 5-7, 2006
Boston, MA
Includes a presentation by Harry Halpin of the University of Edinburgh entitled, "Social Semantic Mashups: Exploring Social Networks with Microformats and GRDDL." The presentation will discuss how a web-spider can collect microformat data, then use GRDDL XSLT to convert the data to the Semantic Web to be integrated with other data sources.
W3C Looks to GRDDL For Semantic Web Sense
Article: "W3C Looks to GRDDL For Semantic Web Sense," by Sean Michael Kerner (October 26, 2006). Brief interview with Dan Connolly of the W3C in which he talks about how Semantic Web developers will use GRDDL to take advantage of the data from microformats and structured blogging.
The Semantic Web is a Long Time Coming
Blog entry: "Tagging, Microformats and RSS Beat the Semantic Web?" by Mike Butcher on TechCrunch. Discusses Tim Anderson's thesis that "The semantic web is a long time coming."
Stuart Colville's WSG Meeting on Microformats
Blog entry: "WSG Microformats Talk, London 2006," (October 20, 2006) is a walkthrough of Stuart Colville's WSG meeting on microformats. Discusses capitalization, metadata, serving people first, writing content once, looking ahead, accessibility, REST, concerns and more.
GRDDL Links the Semantic Web and Microformats
Press release: "World Wide Web Consortium Releases First Version of GRDDL Specification: GRDDL Links the Semantic Web and Microformats," discusses the link between the Semantic Web and microformats using the Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (GRDDL). GRDDL takes information from structured web pages and makes it part of the Semantic Web.
Tutorial: Add Microformats Magic to Your Site
Tutorial: "Add Microformats Magic to Your Site: Heard of the Semantic Web? Using Microformats Everyone Can Contribute to the Richness of the Web," by John Allsopp, founder of Westciv (August 25th, 2006). Topics include the open source effect, an introduction to microformats, who is using microformats, and how to use microformats. Includes code examples.

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