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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS): OpSource
"Effectively Marketing Your SaaS Offering"
White paper: "Effectively Marketing Your SaaS Offering," by Mitch Cipriano, VP, Marketing, OpSource. Discusses person-to-person marketing, newsletters, email campaigns, public relations, telemarketing, resource center, free trails, co-operative marketing programs, and viral marketing.
"Why Software as a Service?"
White paper: "Why Software as a Service?" by Mitch Cipriano, VP, Marketing, OpSource. Discusses user benefits including: lower cost of ownership, focus on core competency, access anywhere, freedom to choose, new application types, faster product cycles; vendor benefits including: increase total available market, enhanced competitive differentiation, lower development costs and quicker time to market, effective low-cost marketing, predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and improved customer relationships.
"OpSource SAS 70 Type II Audit Report Summary"
White paper: "OpSource SAS 70 Type II Audit Report Summary: helping Our Customers Achieve Compliance," by OpSource. Discusses what SAS 70 is, what it means for OpSource customer, audit results, control environment, physical security, environmental security, computer operations: back up and storage, customer operations: system availability, information security, data communications, customer access, and optimizing SaaS delivery.
"Enabling Software as a Service"
White paper: "Enabling Software as a Service," by OpSource. Discusses software consumption is evolving, what it means for software vendors, SaaS delivery options: build vs. buy, Optimal On-Demand: the complete SaaS enablement solution, and why OpSource?
"Transforming Your Software Product Into a..."
White paper: "Transforming Your Software Product Into a Service," by Accelerance & OpSource. Discusses the challenge of transforming your software, single instance applications, moving from single to multiple instances, improving functionality and reducing costs, a single-instance, multi-tenant web application, maintaining performance of your multi-tenant web application, driving down costs by moving to open source, web services for data transfer and integration, time to market, the advantages of outsourcing software development, and why Accelerance and OpSource.
"A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Up SaaS..."
White paper: "A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Up SaaS Operations," by John Rowell, Senior VP, OpSource. Discusses understanding the objectives of your SaaS offering, designate the operations team, conceive and design scalable infrastructures and services, determine your bandwidth requirements and your hosting facility, procure infrastructure components, deploy the SaaS delivery infrastructure, implement disaster recovery and business continuity planning, integrate a monitoring solution, establish a network operations center (NOC), client call center, and ticketing system, design and manage a service level agreement (SLA), and document and manage the solution.
OpSource Resource Center
OpSource Resource Center—listen to a flash overview presentation about Optical On-Demand services for companies already delivering SaaS services and for companies considering offering SaaS services; an interactive chart explaining the features of Optical On-Demand; white papers, OpSource News (latest press releases), and Webinars.
OpSource offers Optimal Enterprise on-demand fee-based hosted management solution for maximizing a business' performance, productivity and IT infrastructures. Features include: Optimal Watch—integrates application, system, network, and transaction monitoring tools; Customer Care Center (C3)—network operations center for handling monitoring

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Update :: January 17, 2020