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Resource Center
Virtural Worlds Resource Center


Active World News Site
News: Active World news site. Read about community developments, businesses, events, opinions and more.
Active World Newsletters Archive
Check out the Active World newsletters archive.
Active Worlds Site Guidelines
Read the guidelines for what can be placed on the Active Worlds site.
Active Worlds' Community
Learn more about the Active Worlds' community. View the calendar of events, subscribe to the monthly newsletter, learn about and join one or more of the organizations, check out the resources (tools and classes), participate in one of the many newsgroups, submit your idea for a Citizen Project, read about content guidelines, and vote for what you think Active Worlds should be working on next.
Active Worlds' Support
Active Worlds' support contains links for their online help manual, firewall troubleshooting guides, the tech support database, video card databases, network status, and a link to request support when all else fails.
Active Worlds Advertising
Information about advertising in Active Worlds includes how it works and its features.
Active World Educational Programs
Educators wishing to use Active World in their courses or schools can learn more about the educational programs available to them.
Active Worlds' Hosting Services
Active Worlds' hosting services pricing chart.
Active Worlds 30-Day Trial Server
Apply for an Active Worlds trial server for a 30 days.
World Server Ownership Information
Learn about World Server ownership including configurations, pricing, how to purchase or renew, how to tourist-enable your world, how to download the software, get World and FTP hosting information, and check out the trial servers.
Active Worlds Membership
Learn how to become a citizen (member) of Active Worlds and what features of the site you will be able to use. To take advantage of many features you will need to join, however, visitors can download free software and explore the site. Links provided here will help you become a member or get your questions about membership answered.
3-D Home Page Creator FAQ
FAQs about the 3-D Home Page Creator.
Active Worlds' 3-D Home Page Creator
Learn about Active Worlds' 3-D home page creator, download the 3-D Home Page software, get pricing, purchase your home page and read the FAQs.
Active Worlds Interactive Tutorial
Learn more about Active Worlds with this interactive tutorial.
Active Worlds Site Tour
The Active Worlds tour explains the various components of the site including building, exploring, shopping, avatars, playing games, and 3-D chat.
Active Worlds Overview
Learn more about Active Worlds with this site overview.
Active Worlds 3D Virtual World Site
Active Worlds is a 3D virtual world site where you can chat with other users, develop your own 3D worlds, visit other users' virtual worlds, create and play virtual reality games and more.

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