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Crazy Man Naval Ravikant Launches Hive7
Blog entry: "Crazy Man Naval Ravikant Launches Hive7, a Virtual World in Your Browser," by Matt Marshall of SiliconBeat. Discusses how Hive7 uses AJAX within your browser so that you never have to install software on your system.
Hive7: Interactive NetSpace
Blog entry: "Hive7: Interactive NetSpace," by Ulf Pettersson, discusses collaboration features in Hive7 and how it could be used to teach interactive classes.
Hive 7—AJAX Powered Virtual World
Blog entry: "Hive 7—AJAX Powered Virtual World," by Pete Cashmore (Web 2.0 strategy consultant), posted on his Mashable blog.
Hive 7—The (Virtual) World AJAX Built
Blog entry: "Hive 7—The (Virtual) World AJAX Built," by Chris Cornutt of Discusses how Hive7 uses AJAX to create a virtual world.
Hive 7, An Ajaxian Virtual World
Blog Entry: "Hive 7, An Ajaxian Virtual World," by Om Malik of Business 2.0 magazine. Discusses how Hive7 uses AJAX, and provides screenshots of actions performed within the Hive7 virtual world.
Shop on Hive7
Shop on Hive7 for furniture, antiques, high-tech toys, cool gadgets, art, rugs and more.
Hive7 FAQ
Learn more about Hive7 by reading the FAQ.
Hive7 AJAX-Based Virtual World
Check out Hive7, the AJAX-based virtual world where you can chat with others, listen to music, go shopping, play a game of chess and more. Click the "me" button to create your own avatar (i.e., character), change how you look, and start interacting with other members of the community. Click the "Bag" button to add items to your bag, such as images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, music and more. Click the "Friends" button to invite others to join you in the Hive7 virtual world. Click the "My Rooms" button to create your own rooms within the virtual world where other members with similar interests can come to chat, shop, etc. Click the "Search" button to find rooms based on your interests.

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