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Second Life
Avatar-Based Marketing
Article: "Avatar-Based Marketing: Companies spend large sums trying to segment, reach, and influence potential customers. They should think about targeting those customers’ online alter egos, as well." June 2006, by Paul Hemp. Discusses the enormous marketing opportunity within virtual worlds where advertisers can engage and interact with consumers. Within Second Life alone, users spend millions of dollars monthly on in-world transactions.
Wikipedia Entry for Second Life
Wikipedia entry for Second Life includes explanations of Avatars, objects, requirements, subcultures and countercultures, economy, open standards, protocol, and trivia.
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Second life abides by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and you can read about the act and how to go about filing a notification.
Second Life Terms of Service
Terms of service for Second Life. Information includes services and content, account registration and requirements, license and intellectual property terms, conduct by users, releases, disclaimers or warranty, limitation of liability and indemnification, privacy policy, and general provisions.
Second Life Community Standards
Community standards for Second Life. Users who violate these standards will be banned from the site.
Second Life's Privacy policies
Second Life's and Linden Labs (the parent company) privacy policies. Included is a list of data they collect about visitors to their site.
Second Life System Requirements
Learn about the system requirements you will need to use the Second Life site. Requirements and system recommendations for both PC and Mac are provided.
Second Life Community
Information about the Second Life community. Learn about forums, events, newsletters, and mailing lists. Read the classifieds, get information on land purchases and auctions, visit the Land store, check on the status of your account, and contact support.
Second Life 2005 Game Developers Contest
Article: "Doug Church on the Second Life 2005 Game Developers Contest," discusses the games on the site, the top titles, honorable mentions and suggestions.
2005 Second Life Game Dev Contest Winners
2005 Second Life Game Dev Contest winners, including a description of each game.
Second Life Developer Registration
Information for developer registration at Second Life.
Second Life's Developer Directory
Second Life's developer directory. The directory lists the names and contact information and a brief description of what each developer does.
Second Life Features and Technologies
List of the features and technologies at the Second Life site.
Second Life Platform for 3-D Developers
Information for 3-D developers wishing to use the Second Life platform for development and sale of their applications.
Second Life Trademark Policies
The Second Life trademark and usage policies.
Second Life Affiliate Program
Information about the Second Life Affiliate Program.
Business Proposal Submission
Email link for businesses wishing to submit a proposal to Second Life.
Second Life Platform for Businesses
Information for businesses wishing to build an application using the Second Life platform, provide enhanced distribution for Second Life, expand an existing brand into the virtual world, introduce a community to Second Life, or do another type of business with Second Life.
Video Submission Form
Fill out this form to have your video featured in the Showcase at Second Life.
Free Downloadable Screen Shots
Free downloadable screen shots. You can download and use these images but you cannot alter them and must use the copyright credit notice provided.
Demo: Silver Bells and Golden Spurs
Demo: "Silver Bells and Golden Spurs" completely made in Second Life.
White Paper: Making Machinima in Second Life
White paper: "Making Machinima in Second Life," November 2005, by Eric Call. Discusses technical tips, creative tips, an overview of the "Silver Bells and Golden Spurs" demo, production costs, distribution possibilities, video quality, production time, business opportunities, and convenience.
Second Life Showcase
This "Showcase" area is your source for what is going on at Second Life. Here new projects are reviewed and a monthly spotlight is given to a "Featured Build" along with an interview with its creator(s).
Second Life Member Videos and Podcasts
Check out Second Life member videos and podcasts from iTunes. If you would like to submit your own Second Life video, click the contact link.
Journey on Second Life
Article: "My Virtual Life: A journey into a place in cyberspace where thousands of people have imaginary lives. Some even make a good living. Big advertisers are taking notice," by Robert D. Hof (Business Week cover story, May 1, 2006). The author walks you through his journey on Second Life and discusses business opportunities.
Second Life Account Management
Second Life “How To” provides information on account management (types of accounts), avatar and appearance, chat and IM, groups, interface and controls, moving around, inventory management, land, logging in, maps, landmarks and navigation, money, objects and attachments, permissions, and Sim (simulator) performance.
Second Life Land and Tools Information
Learn how to use your Second Life land and the tools that control your area. The About Land tool consists of five parts. The General tab contains the general information about a piece of land (e.g., name, description, and owner) and a “For Sale” option. The Objects tab contains information about how many objects can be on the parcel and how many objects are currently there. The Access tab allows you to control who will have access to your area. The Ban tab lets you prohibit access to your land. The Edit Land tool lets you select tools to edit your land. You can subdivide your land to sell a portion, join multiple pieces of land, free your land without returning any revenue to you. The Options tab allows you to set the rules for your parcel. Options include
  • Create/Edit Objects—allows others users to edit objects on your land.
  • Safe—specifies that no damage can be done to visitors on your land.
  • Landmark—allows residents to mark the land as a landmark.
  • Local Sound—prevents any audio from leaving the land.
  • Show in "Find Places"—lists your parcel in the “Find Places” area (for a fee).
  • Edit Land—allows visitors to change the terrain of the land (not recommended).
  • Fly—allows visitors to fly on your land.
  • Outside Scripts—allows others to run scripts on your land.
  • Snapshot—upload an image of your land.
  • Landing Point—sets an area where visitors to your site will enter or land.
  • Music URL—link to a music site.
Recent Second Life Auctions
View recent Second Life auctions.
Second Life Parcels on Auction
Current list of Second Life parcels up for auction. Next to each available parcel is its size, starting bid and the time left to place a bid. When you click on one of the listed parcels you are shown its location, size, object limit, and region rating, and the status of the auction (number of bids and highest bid). A box is provided in which you can place your bid.
Second Life Auction FAQ
Second Life auction FAQ. Learn how to purchase land in an auction. Topics include bidding, winning, paying, collecting your land and resolving auction problems.
Second Life Land FAQ
Second Life land FAQ includes questions and answers about buying land on the site. Also includes a land maintenance fee schedule chart.
Obtaining Land on Second Life
Learn how to obtain land. Options include special pricing for first-time land purchasers, buying land from other residents, participating in an auction, and buying one of the five types of islands available.
Second Life Monthly Fees
Chart shows the monthly fees for land. A Premium member receives 512 square meters per month. If a member exceeds the 512 square meters in any given month they are charged additional land fees. Members can also purchase additional land based on these monthly rates.
Second Life Membership
Basic Second Life membership is free, however, there are various fee-based membership plans for more substantial membership capabilities. This chart lists the types of accounts, what they include and how much they cost.
Second Life Members
Meet other Second Life members by joining an existing group, starting your own group, or looking for other members with similar interests (hobbies, sports, etc.).
How to Explore Second Life
Learn how to explore Second Life to locate groups, events, or people to socialize with using the Map. Once you have made a selection from the Map you can learn more about it from the Find Menu or if you wish to know more about a member click that member's Avatar and select “View Profile.”
Create an Avatar
Create your Avatar (your alter ego) with tools provided from the site. Select body shape, skin tone, hair style, hair and eye color, and clothing (e.g., pants, shorts, skirts, shirt, jacket, etc.). You can alter your Avatar at any time.
Second Life Site Home Page
Home page for the Second Life site. Find links to other areas of the site including “Resident links” to your account (if you have one), auctions, a buy and sell page, classifieds, downloads, events, feature voting, forums, friends online, grid status, land store and support. Membership is free (basic account) and additional accounts require fees. The “Buy & Sell” and the “Refer a Friend” areas are for members only. An information box lets you know how many residents (members) there are and how many of them are currently online, spending in the U.S. for the day thus far, and headline news items. Additional tabs will get you information about the site, business partnerships, community, developers and support.
Second Life 3-D Virtual World
Learn all about Second Life. There are over 200,000 residents (members) from around the world who inhabit this 3-D virtual world. Residents can purchase virtual land or islands; the costs are determined by the size of the land. These land parcels or islands are then used by their residents for their creations, stores and events. Many of the scripting tools used to develop the creations are available for free while others can be purchased from other residents who have developed tools that they sell to fellow residents.

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