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Widgets Resource Center

Creating Widgets and Gadgets
Yahoo! Widget Creation Tutorial
Tutorial: Yahoo! Widget Creation Tutorial outlines the widget creation process using the Yahoo! Widget engine. Describes the basics of widgets, such as common file types, XML and JavaScript basics, and the necessary editing software, and provides a step-by-step walkthrough for creating and sharing a widget.
Gadget Development Overview
The Gadget Development Overview from the Microsoft Developer Network guides you through the process of creating a gadget for the Microsoft Sidebar, a feature of Windows Vista. Topics include: Gadgets Preinstalled with Windows Sidebar, Windows Sidebar and Gadgets Architecture, How Gadgets Work, Gadget Files, Creating A Gadget, Gadget Background, Gadget System APIs, Gadget Settings, Packaging a Sidebar Gadget, Modifying and Reloading Gadget code, Support for Localization and Further Reference.
The Windows Live Gadget Developer’s Guide
The Windows Live Gadget Developer’s Guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the gadget creation process. Topics include: “Writing a Gadget,” “Advanced Gadget Techniques,” “Bindings Basics” and “Best Practices and Performance.”
“Modifying the Hello World”
Tutorial: “Modifying the Hello World,” is a tutorial provided by Google that teaches a new developer about the Gadget API by taking them through the process of modifying an existing Google desktop gadget. After completing the tutorial, programmers should be able to create gadgets from the ground up.
“Gadgets: Write Once, Run Everywhere”
Blog entry: “Gadgets: Write Once, Run Everywhere,” from Donavon West, the CTO of and Microsoft MVP for Windows Live Development. Describes the creation of an example Web gadget (a digital clock display) and the adjustments necessary to make it work on the Windows Sidebar.

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