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Widgets Resource Center

What are Widgets?
Homepage of Widgipedia, a free resource site for widgets and gadgets. Widgipedia provides information on all types of widgets, including web and desktop widgets, along with developer resources such as tutorials, FAQs and code examples. Users may also download and comment on widgets that have been posted by developers who have registered with the site.
W3C "Widgets 1.0" Document
Working draft of “Widgets 1.0” document produced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an organization that establishes and reports standards for use on the World Wide Web. This document describes widgets and their creation. Topics include: Widget Packaging, Widget Configuration File: config.xml, Widget Scripting Interfaces, Widget Autodiscovery and Security Model.
“Java Widget Fundamentals”
Sample Chapter: “Java Widget Fundamentals,” from STW: The Standard Widget Toolkit, Volume 1, by Steve Northover and Mike Wilson. Covers widgets in the technical sense as an element of Java programming that facilitates interaction between the graphical user interface (GUI) and the user. Topics include: What is a Widget? Widget Hierarchy, Events and Listeners, Application Data and Querying the Display.
“Web Widget” Wiki
Wikipedia definition for “Web widget.” Briefly describes the history of mini-applications, discusses some current uses of widgets by media and advertising websites, and lists a number of widget destinations and widget management systems.
“Widget Basics”
Blog entry: “Widget Basics,” from the technology blog of Tarun Telang of SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd., defines the terms “widget” and “widget engine” and lists several advantages of using mini-applications including: ease of development, customization and implementation; enhanced user experience; increased multitasking capabilities; and light weight technology that is easy to install, launch quickly and distribute.
“What’s a Widget?”
Video: “What’s a Widget?” from Clearspring Technologies founder Hooman Radfar defines the term “widget” and describes the importance of mini-application functionality in light of the trend toward an increasingly personalized Internet experience, while demonstrating a Clearspring widget that displays the statistics of a user’s favorite NBA athlete.
“What is a Widget?”
Blog entry: “What is a Widget?” from the Snipperoo blog, describes the origins of the term “widget” both in general and computer terminology. Defines “widget” as a desktop or web-based mini-application that is relatively easy to develop and provides useful, specific functionality.

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