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Widgets Resource Center

Widget Resources: Widgipedia Widget Gallery
Most popular widgets from the widget gallery, where widget developers who are registered on the site can submit creations for any of the major widget engines, including Yahoo! Widgets, Apple Dashboard and the Vista Sidebar. FAQ Page FAQ page provides information on the various types of widgets, the software necessary to start creating widgets and the nominal difference between widgets and gadgets. Sections include “General Questions,” “Downloading Widgets,” “Uploading Widgets” and “Creating Widgets.”
Widgipedia Homepage
Homepage of Widgipedia, a free resource site for widgets and gadgets. Widgipedia provides information on all types of widgets, including web and desktop widgets, along with developer resources such as tutorials, FAQs and code examples. Users may also download and comment on widgets that have been posted by developers who have registered with the site.

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Update :: January 17, 2020