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Widgets Resource Center

Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator)
On Tour Yahoo! Widget
On Tour widget for the Yahoo! Widget Engine and Apple Dashboard Widgets displays concert listings for your location with date, artist, and venue. Allows you to check further tour dates by clicking an artist and opens a browser with the OnTour website for ticket information. Compatibility with iTunes let’s the widget highlight concerts from artists in your iTunes music catalog and get audio samples from the iTunes store.
Generic Countdown Timer Yahoo! Widget
Generic Countdown Timer for the Yahoo! Widget engine allows you to specify a certain amount of time or choose a specific time of day and this widget will automatically display the countdown on your desktop. Preferences allow you to adjust the dial font, change the color scheme and choose your own sound file as an alarm.
Yahoo! Weather Widget
Yahoo! Weather Widget for the Yahoo! Widget engine provides real time information about the weather in your location. Provides the current temperature and weather graphic, along with five-day high and low temperatures and even the current phase of the moon.
Taco Widgets
Taco Widgets is a company that builds widgets both for Apple Dashboard and Yahoo! Widget Engine. Available widgets include “Uncle Sam,” a random quote generator, “Old Faithful,” which allows you to watch the Old Faithful geyser via webcam, and others.
Yahoo! Widgets Gallery
The Yahoo! Widgets gallery offers thousands of free widgets compatible with the Yahoo! Widget engine. Widget categories include: Fun and Games, Date & Time, News Feeds, Systems Utilities, Sight & Sound, Geek Stuff, Cam Viewers, Widget Tools, App Enhancers and Search Tools.
Yahoo! Widgets Reference Manual
HTML version of the 300-page Yahoo! Widgets Reference Manual. Provides in-depth coverage of aspects of XML and the JavaScript language used in widget creation including: The Basics, Core DOM Reference, System DOM Reference, Miscellaneous DOM Reference, CSS Reference, SQLite Reference, Global Functions, XML Services, The Converter Tool and Windows OS and Mac OS differences.
Yahoo! Widget Creation Tutorial
Tutorial: Yahoo! Widget Creation Tutorial outlines the widget creation process using the Yahoo! Widget engine. Describes the basics of widgets, such as common file types, XML and JavaScript basics, and the necessary editing software, and provides a step-by-step walkthrough for creating and sharing a widget.
Yahoo! Widget Workshop
Widget Workshop from Yahoo! Widgets. Offers widget creation resources such as the Yahoo! Widgets Developer SDK for Windows, the Yahoo! Widgets HTML Reference Manual, the Yahoo! Widgets Reference Manual, a Widget Creation Script for Photoshop CS, a Widget Creation Tutorial, The Definitive Guide and a Widget Converter.
Yahoo! Widgets 4 Release Announcement
Blog entry: “It’s Here!” from the Yahoo! Widgets Blog announces the release of Yahoo! Widgets  4 and describes, among other things, updates to the Widget Dock, automatic widget update capabilities, reduced memory consumption and improved developer features.
“Yahoo Buys Up Konfabulator”
Article: “Yahoo Buys Up Konfabulator,” from The Mac Observer, an Apple news site. The July 2005 article announces Yahoo’s purchase of Konfabulator, a provider of mini-application creation software that has since become Yahoo! Widgets. Also discusses the growing popularity of desktop widgets, along with the controversy surrounding the release of Apple Dashboard Widgets, a free software program similar to Konfabulator that is integrated into Mac OS X “Tiger.”

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