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Link Building Resource Center

Reciprocal Linking and Determining Link Partners
Susan Sweeney’s Dynamite Link Strategies
Tutorial: Susan Sweeney’s Dynamite Link Strategies. PDF file outlines simple strategies for identifying high value reciprocal link partners through competitive link analysis and keyword search rankings.
Webmaster’s SEO Toolkit
Webmaster’s SEO Toolkit is a 21-page guide to search engine optimization that includes sections on link building such as “Links and Their Effects on PageRank,” “How to Quickly Find Quality Partners,” and “Free-for-all Links Pages (FFAs) and Why You Should Avoid Them.”
101 Ways to Promote Your Website
101 Ways to Promote Your Website by Susan Sweeney, a web marketing expert and the author of several books on Internet promotion. Includes a chapter entitled “Developing a Dynamite Link Strategy” that discusses optimizing your site for linking, competitive link analysis and reciprocal linking strategies.
“Six Critical Secrets From Competitive Link Analys
Article: “Six Critical Secrets From Competitive Link Analysis,” by Ken McGaffin, discusses the initial steps in the implementation of a competitive linking campaign including finding potential link opportunities, assessing difficulty of competition with a domain, uncovering artificial link strategies, identifying business relationships, exploring competitors’ public relations and understanding competitors’ linking strategies.
“An Introduction to SEO Best Practices”
Article: “An Introduction to SEO Best Practices,” by Eric Enge. Breaks down the principles of search engine optimization and natural link building strategies into four categories: subject-matter expertise, information architecture, technical implementation and marketing.
Jill Whalen Linking Q&A
Jill Whalen answers questions about link building, discussing the concepts of link popularity, reciprocal linking, Google PageRank, and how to obtain natural links and high SERP rankings by generating quality content.
“How to Design a Site for Link Popularity”
Article: “How to Design a Site for Link Popularity,” by Larry Sullivan of Discusses the basic aspects of design and content that must be considered when investigating reciprocal link partners and optimizing your website for links and traffic.
Linking FAQ from Link Foundry
Linking FAQ from Link Foundry, a company that creates automated link exchanges for websites. This FAQ discusses search engine indexing, one-way links versus reciprocal links, setting up directory pages, and the advantages of automated linking.
Link Building FAQ from LinkExpresso
Link Building FAQ from LinkExpresso, a “free reciprocal link center.” Discusses the importance of quality site content, link building timeframes, internal linking, choosing quality link partners, site mapping, link code, directory listings, reciprocal linking and the possibility of outsourcing a link campaign.
Tool: Arelis fee-based software helps users design a link building campaign by automating the search for linking partners, creating customizable link pages and allowing webmasters to track incoming and outgoing links. A free trial version of the software is also available.
Link Explore
Tool: Link Explore contains a database of thousands of web sites categorized by content. The tool uses a spider to find and add hundreds of new sites each month, saving webmasters from expending the time searching for link partners on their own.
Link Exchange Manager
Tool: Link Exchange Manager is a fee-based software program that allows webmasters to keep track of inbound and outbound links and monitor link pages. It can also send email exchange requests and help you create customizable, search engine friendly pages and upload them to a site.
Hub Finder 3.0
Tool: Hub Finder 3.0 is web based tool designed to help locate authority sites by theme using the Google and Yahoo! APIs. By finding hub sites that contain multiple backlinks to a given resource, Hub Finder helps users determine the most valuable link partners by topic as determined by the search engines.
“Balancing the Link Equation”
Blog entry: “Balancing the Link Equation,” by Todd Malicoat, a web marketer and SEO specialist. Discusses techniques for diversifying your linking strategy, lists the most effective types of links based on publisher authority, on-page location, and anchor text, and enumerates several linking best practices including verifying link partners, varying anchor text, and creating deep links to the secondary pages in your domain.
"Exchanging Links: The Pitfalls"

Article: “Exchanging Links: The Pitfalls,” from Michael Bloch of Discusses several caveats regarding reciprocal link exchanges. Includes linking software reviews for Link Explore and Link Exchange Manager.

“Reciprocal Linking is Dead!”
Article: “Reciprocal Linking is Dead!” by Mike Banks Valentine. Discusses abandoning the practice of link swapping, citing the overwhelming presence of scammers and black hat SEOs offering worthless or misleading links.
Top 25 Web Site Directories
List of the top 25 web site directories, along with age and price of submission, from Internet marketing service company Contains a description of the process and total cost of building links through hand-submission to web directories.
Reciprocal Link Wiki
Wikipedia definition of the term “reciprocal link,” which is a mutual link between two sites created in an attempt to boost search engine rankings. Includes definitions of three-way linking, in which three sites obtain one-way inbound links by linking in a circle, and automated linking programs that can add reciprocal links to a web page automatically.
“Looking at Link Building Tips”
Blog entry: “Looking at Link Building Tips,” by Michael Gray, an independent SEO, social media, link bait and blog consultant. Discusses techniques for obtaining reciprocal links and submitting to article directories.


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