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Apex Resource Center

"Intro to AppExchange: Building Native Apps"
Video: "Intro to AppExchange: Building Native Apps," from Discusses how to build business applications with the AppExchange platform.
AppExchange Certification FAQ
The AppExchange Certification FAQ discusses the benefits of certification, fees, why certification is necessary, how long is the certification process, and what is included in the certification.
Creating On-Demand Apps with AppExchange
eBook: Creating On-Demand Apps with AppExchange, from Discusses an introduction to the AppsExchange platform, advanced fields, page layouts, sample recruiting app, reviewing database concepts, building a simple app, relationships, security, sharing data, custom workflow, moving beyond native apps, and a sneak preview of Apex.
“Packaging for’s AppExchange”
Article: “Packaging for’s AppExchange,” by Tony Stubblebine. Discusses creating a custom application, packaging for AppExchange, creating a test drive, application requirements, and the future of the AppExchange.
“An Introduction to’s AppExchange”
Article: “An Introduction to’s AppExchange,” by Tony Stubblebine. Discusses, how to sign up on, customizing, installing an AppExchange application, building native applications, building custom pages with S-controls, accessing data with SOQL, the Salesforce API, getting more information, and the future (Apex).
AppExchangeAPI—Sforce Object Query Language
AppExchangeAPI—Sforce Object Query Language (SOQL) discusses SOQL syntax (conditionExpression syntax and fieldExpression syntax), logical operators, changing the batch size in queries, querying multi-select picklists, and filtering on Boolean fields.

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Update :: November 17, 2019