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Java SE 7 (Dolphin) Resource Center


Java SE 7 (Dolphin): New FeaturesMinimize
Interview With Sun’s Director of Product Marketing

Article: “Step up the Java Technology Ladder: A Conversations with Sun’s Director of Product Marketing for the Java SE Platform, Jean Elliott,” by Janice J. Heiss. Jean Elliott manages the groups responsible for developer tools, Sun Developer Network, the core Java platform, Java community development practices, and the emerging Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) and Embedded Java businesses. Topics include the Java SE platform roadmap, Java SE 5 and 6 and the open sourcing of Java SE, and how this free open source model is contributing to the development of Java SE 7.

What’s in Java SE 7?

Presentation: “What’s in Java SE 7 or Exciting Stuff Coming in Java SE,” by Danny Coward of Sun Microsystems (from the International Conference on Java Technology). Discusses Java SE today, creating the Java SE, JavaFX and consumer content, supporting multiple languages, modularity in the platform and other important upgrades.

Open Source Projects and Communities

Presentation: “Future of Java: Open Source Projects and Communities,” by Sridhar Reddy, Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. Discusses the history of Java and open source, Java SE / ME open source, Java EE open source and Includes a list of additional resources.

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 7 Build b19

Java SE Development Kit downloads for Windows 7, Linux 7, and Mac OSX1.5.0_05 Release 3. Includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and tools for developing applets and applications.

Java SE Road Map

Presentation: “Java SE Language Features: Today and Tomorrow,” by Sun Microsystems. Discusses the Java SE road map and the transition from Java SE 5 to Java SE 6 “Mustang” and eventually to Java SE 7 “Dolphin.” Topics include the new features in Java SE 5 and 6 and points to resources that discuss the future of Java SE 7.

The Future of Java and Open Solaris

Presentation: “The future of Java and Open Solaris,” by Simon Ritter, Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. Discusses the future of Java SE, such as its design for universities and researchers, and the simpler language. Also discusses Java’s community-based development and the community process.

JDK 6 & 7 Roadmap (Mustang & Dolphin)

Presentation: “JDK 6 & 7 Roadmap (Mustang & Dolphin)”, by Roman Stroble of Sun Microsystems. The slides offer the roadmap from JDK 6 to JDK 7. Includes the current status of JDK 6 and the main themes and planned features of JDK 7 (Dolphin).

Open Source Java, the Future of Java

Presentation: “Java 7 A Lot To Be Waiting For: Open Source Java and The Future of Java,” by Sun Microsystems. Discusses Java as an open source project, including the open JDK project and its current status. It also discusses the planned Java SE 7 features, including modularity, language proposals, JMX, types and generics, libraries, swing and more.

Java SE: Present and Future

Presentation: “Java SE: Present and Future,” by Danny Coward of Sun Microsystems. For information on the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE Platform), check out Danny Coward’s slides from the 2007 JavaOne Conference. Topics include the current Java SE 6 and future Java SE 7 platforms, the making of the Java SE platform, the Java SE platform on the desktop, and important upgrades for Java SE 7 such as the new file system API.

Video: Evolving the Java SE and Java EE Platforms

Video Presentation: “Evolving the Java SE and Java EE Platforms,” by Danny Coward of Sun Microsystems. Discusses the evolution of the Java Platform. Topics include the new modularity technologies in Java SE 7 for packaging, distributing and publishing application code.

Video: Mastering Mustang and Developing Dolphin

Video Presentation: “Mastering Mustang and Developing Dolphin,” by Mark Reinhold and Danny Coward of Sun Microsystems. This video presentation from JavaOne highlights the important features of the current Java SE 6 platform and discusses the future of the Java SE 7 (code-named Dolphin) platform.

JavaOne: Java SE to Support Visual Basic

Article: “JavaOne: Java SE to Support Visual Basic,” by Ed Burnette, editor for Interview with Graham Hamilton, VP and Fellow of the Java platform team at Sun Microsystems. Discusses the future of Java SE and the Java SE roadmap, including the Java SE 7 Dolphin target release schedule and their goal to provide bug fix updates every 8-16 weeks

Java to Support More Languages,1759,2000849,00.asp

Article: “Java to Support More Languages,” by Darryl K. Taft, editor for Discusses Java SE 6 and Java SE 7. The article is based on an interview with Graham Hamilton, a member of the Sun platform team. Includes links to additional information, including Sun’s plans to increase support for dynamic languages.

Java 7 and Beyond

Article: “Java 7 and Beyond,” by Elliotte Rusty Harold, writer and programmer and Professor at Polytechnic University. Discusses changes in the Java SE platform. Topics include JDK 7 license, language changes, additions to the Java SE library, tools and the virtual machine.

New Concurrency Features for Java SE 7

Article: “New Concurrency Features for Java SE 7,” by Geoffrey Wiseman, editor for Interviews Doug Lea of the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process and who also chaired JSR 166, which added concurrency utilities to the Java programming language. Although the contents of Java SE 7 are still in flux, early candidates for inclusion are starting to adapt concurrency utilities.

Proposed Java 7 Features

Article: “Proposed Java 7 Features,” by Alex Miller. Lists of the possible features for Java SE 7. Until Java SE 7’s development is final, the future contents are not definite and are subject to change. Topics include reified genetics, modularity, language-level XML, annotation on Java types and more.

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