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Microsoft LINQ Resource Center

Microsoft LINQ Resource Sites
.NET Language-Integrated Query for XML
Article: “.NET Language-Integrated Query for XML,” by Michael Champion. Discusses programming XML with LINQ to XML, querying XML with LINQ to XML, mixing XML and other data models, layered technologies over LINQ to XML, the LINQ to XML class hierarchy, LINQ to XML design principles, using XPath and XSLT with LINQ to XML, and LINQ to XML in Visual Basic 9.0.
LINQ to SQL: .NET LINQ for Relational Data
Article: “LINQ to SQL: .NET Language-Integrated Query for Relational Data,” by Dinesh Kulkarni, Luca Bolognese, Matt Warren, Anders Hejlsberg, and Kit George. Discusses creating entity classes, the DataContext, defining relationships, querying across relationships, modifying and saving entities, query execution, object identity, relationships, joins, projections, compiled queries, SQL translation, tracking changes, submitting changes, transactions, stored procedures, inheritance, creating databases, ADO.NET, and advanced topics.
Running Queries on Multi-core Processors
Article: “Running Queries on Multi-core Processors,” by Joe Duffy and Ed Essey. Discusses LINQ to PLINQ, the PLINQ programming model, processing query output, concurrent exceptions, ordering in the output results, side effects, and putting PLINQ to work.
LINQ Resources
Julie Lerman's LINQ resources from her talk to the San Diego Dot Net User Group. The resources include links to LINQ Queries for C#, LINQ Queries for VB, a LINQ overview, lambda expressions for VB coders, LINQ best practices for VB (webcast), books and blogs.
LINQ, DLINQ, XLinq in C#
The C# Corner has several articles on LINQ including "Data Binding Using DLINQ in C#," by Mahesh Chand, "Think in LINQ: Yahtzee Score Calculator Using LINQ Technology," by Mike Gold, "Building Applications with DLinq Designer," by Satheesh Kumar, "Select Items with Where in LINQ and C#," by Mahesh Chand, "Reading and Writing XML Using Xlinq," by Mahesh Chand, Using LINQ in Visual Studio 2005," by Satheesh Kumar, and more.
Eliminate SQL Injection Attacks Painlessly w/ LINQ
Article: "Eliminate SQL Injection Attacks Painlessly with LINQ," by Jason Schmitt. Discusses building secure applications, SQL injection (web application security vulnerability), preventing security attacks, the anatomy of SQL injection, SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, typical SQL safeguards, an overview of LINQ, securing data access with LINQ, and LINQ security.
The Evolution of LINQ
"The Evolution of LINQ and Its Impact On the Design of C#," by Anson Horton. Discusses lambda expressions, extension methods, anonymous types, implicitly typed local variables, object initializers, and query expressions.
Unleash The Power Of Query In VS "Orcas"
Article: "Visual Basic: Unleash The Power Of Query In Visual Studio (VS) 'Orcas,'" by Ting Liang and Kit George. Discusses Visual Basic and query integration, supported classes (Where, Order By and Select), understanding and using query results, LINQ syntax, the From clause, the Select clause, filyering with the Where clause, sorting with Order By, and other clauses.
Microsoft LINQ Resources
A complete listing of all of the LINQ resources available on the Microsoft website. Resources include documentation, forums, articles, videos, webcasts, downloads, FAQs, projects and more. Topics include the LINQ Project, DLINQ, XLINQ, LINQ to XML, LINQ to SQL and more.

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