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Microsoft Popfly Resource Center
Microsoft Popfly Forums
MSDN Popfly Forums
MSDN Popfly Forums. There are three categories including general discussion (discusses building mashups, blocks and web pages, and share ideas), bugs and suggestions (for known Popfly issues) and Popfly Explorer (discusses Popfly Explorer, reports bugs and gives feedback).
Popfly General Forums
Microsoft Popfly general forums. Topics include Silverlight, Windows Gallery and Popfly, linking projects, Zune media player, changing input field default value, Windows Live, changing the Popfly player size on a web page, photo display blocks, creating custom input fields, Popfly on the Mac, viewing projects, and more.
Popfly Explorer Forum
The Popfly Explorer Forum. Discusses security, downloading a project, connection time out, new page on a website, Visual C++ block support, Orcas Beta support, Visual Basic 2005 Express, and more.
Popfly Bugs and Suggestions Forum
Popfly Bugs and Suggestions Forum. Discusses Silverlight, cross domain issues, Virtual Earth mashups, flickr, Windows Live, XML reader, Facebook, editing block layout, the Windows Media Player, navigation, open search support, and more.

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