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Microsoft Popfly Resource Center
Microsoft Popfly Resources
Behind Microsoft's Popfly,1895,2163953,00.asp
Article: "Behind Microsoft's Popfly," by Darryl K. Taft. Discusses the concept of Popfly with its group manager, John Montgomery, the development of a web-based tool (a tool that runs in a browser), how users customized environments such as MySpace, Facebook and Windows Live Spaces, monetizing Popfly, the enterprise applicability of Popfly, Silverlight, and dynamic language environments. A link is provided to an article on the development history of Popfly.
Microsoft Popfly vs. Yahoo Pipes
Article: "Microsoft takes on Yahoo Pipes with new Popfly Web App," by Jeremy Reimer. Discusses what Popfly is, Silverlight, creating widgets and mini applications, visual design environment, Internet Explorer, Firefox, drag-and-drop interface, 3D design elements, creating custom controls, Microsoft's Virtual Earth, and desktop integration.

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Update :: November 11, 2019