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Microsoft Popfly Resource Center
Microsoft Popfly Tutorials
Popfly Video Tutorial
Popfly Video Tutorial. This 15-minute introduction to Popfly discusses the mashup designer (build in Silverlight), blocks, selecting options, connecting elements, the Popfly screen elements (that also include step-by-step tutorials), combining custom blocks with the blocks that come with Popfly, adding values manually, previewing your work, integrating Virtual Earth, adding a logic block, modifying code, sharing mashups, saving an application, building a web page, changing a page theme and style, inserting a mashup onto a web page, using Popfly Explorer, customizing a game and making projects shareable.
Building a Mashup with Popfly
Video: Building content using Popfly, presented by Dan Fernandez the project manager. This eight-minute video demonstrates creating a mashup using Popfly, creating a block, using drag-and-drop to create a mashup, enhancing pre-made blocks with user contributed functionality, and saving the finished mashup.
Build and Publish Websites with Popfly Explorer
“Build and Publish Websites with Popfly Explorer Beta,” by Dan Fernandez, chief product manager for Visual Studio Express and Popfly. Discusses getting started with Popfly Explorer, selecting a new file project, selecting a template, working in the Build Style, using drag-and-drop to add projects directly to a web page, using the User Input block to create a mashup, saving your work to Popfly, and viewing a newly created project. Links are provided for the free downloading of Visual Web developer Express 2008 Beta 2 and the Popfly Explorer.

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Update :: November 17, 2019