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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Jobs
Ruby on Rails Job Sites
The Ruby Inside website lists six jobs sites for Ruby on Rails developers and programmers along with a brief description of what the site covers. The sites include Ruby Rockstars, RubyNow, RailsPays, and 37signals.
Ruby on Rails
"Ruby on Rails Tech Jobs: Programming" listed at You receive a listing of jobs that best matches your search query. Each job listed has a brief description (e.g., developer, programmer), and the location (city, state, and country). Additional information about each job is available when clicking on the job's link. This information includes a full description of the job, its location and how to apply for the job.
Average Salary for Ruby on Rails Skills
The ITJobsWatch site in the UK assesses the Ruby on Rails job market for the last 3 months and compares it to the same time period of a year ago. Statistics include average minimum salary, average salary and the increase/decrease from the same time period last year. It also breaks down the jobs by category such as application development, application platforms, applications and communications and networking.
Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails jobs listed on mirRoR Placement. The date the job was listed and the number of days it has been posted appear above each job. A brief description of the job and some requirements are listed for each job. More details are available through the job's link along with a form to use for applying for the job and including a resume.
Ruby on Rails Job Board
The Ruby on Rails job board is a listing of the latest jobs available for developers, software engineers, programmers and web masters. Clicking on a job's link a full description of the job is given, the skills required, desired skills, employment terms (e.g., full-time, contractor) and place of employment. An additional link is available for anyone to post a new job listing.
Ruby Jobs
A listing of Ruby on Rails and Ruby jobs. Information for each listing includes the date the job was posted, the location (city and state). Links are provided for additional information that includes a full job description, prerequisites, contact and technical skills needed.
Ruby on Rails Jobs
The Rubynow site has a free service for both people looking for jobs or for employers to list their jobs. In the search box indicate the search term(s) and receive a listing of the jobs. A brief job description appears next to each listing along with the date the job was listed. Links provide addition information including a detailed job description, the company, location (city and state), required skills, desired skills, and employment terms (salary, full-time, contractor).

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Update :: January 17, 2020