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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Tutorials
Learn Ruby on Rails
"Learn Ruby on Rails: the Ultimate Beginner's Tutorial," by Patrick Lenz. Discusses compiled languages (e.g., C, C# and Java), scripting languages (e.g., Ruby, Perl and Python), application performance, object-oriented languages (Ruby), reading and writing Ruby code, the interactive Ruby shell (IRB), interacting with Ruby objects, literal objects, variables and constants, punctuation in Ruby, dot notation, chaining statements together, use of parentheses, method notation, object-oriented programming in Ruby, classes and objects, object-level functionality, instance variables, instance methods, accessor methods, class-level functionality, inheritance, return values, standard output, arrays, hashes, strings, numerics, symbols, nil values, running Ruby files, control structures, conditionals; the if and unless constructs, loops, blocks, Rails environments (development, test and production), database configuration, the database configuration file, creating a database, the model-view-controller architecture, MVC in theory (Models, Controllers and Views), MVC the Rails way, database abstraction, database tables, using the rails console, saving an object, defining relationships between objects, code generation, testing and debugging, and integration testing.
"Integrating Flex 2 and Ruby on Rails"
"Integrating Flex 2 and Ruby on Rails," By Derek Wischusen. Discusses why use Rails, building the user interface, setting up a Rails application, creating a database, changing a directory and integration.
Ruby on Rails Rake Tutorial
"Ruby on Rails Rake Tutorial," (by Gregg Pollack. Discusses a history of Rake, how we got Rake, how Rake works, how Rake dependencies work, how to document Rake tasks, Rake namespaces, how to write useful Ruby tasks, how to write Rake tasks for a Rails application, accessing Rails models inside a task, and where to locate additional examples.
Ruby on Rails on Oracle: A Simple Tutorial
"Ruby on Rails on Oracle: A Simple Tutorial," by Richard Monson-Haefel. Discusses what Rails is, what Ruby is, what Rails is for, a "Simple Product Catalog" example, setting up an Oracle database; installing Ruby, RubyGems and the Rails Oracle library, creating a web application and mastering Rails.
Developing a Facebook Platform
"Developing a Facebook Platform Application with Ruby on Rails," by Stuart Eccles. Discusses the types of facebook applications, ways an applications can interact with Facebook, creating an application, creating models, creating a database, creating controllers, adding controllers, creating a layout, installing the Ruby Gem RFacebook (for interacting with the Facebook APIs), logging onto Facebook, editing the application, storing the application and running the application.

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